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  • 567848 "Called saying he was from the government and wanted to loan me $9000. I said to put me on the do not call list. He replied," do you have a boyfri ... "
  • 567848 "Said they were from a federal agency. Very thick accent. I said "I think you have the wrong number" he just laughed and hung -up ... "
  • 567848 "Answered said what! They hung up... ... "
  • 567848 "Answered this call and just heard background noise like a call center. Didn't respond to anything I asked or said. ... "

  • 567848 "I got a call today and i didnt answer. I found that to be very weird on how the number came up on my caller id. ... "
  • 567848 "Got a call from this number and you can clearly hear other calls in the background. He had a very heavy accent and said the government had a $9,000 gr ... "
  • 567848 "i thought they said grounds dept but, i can see how it was grant since he had a chance of a life time deal, he could barely speak english ... "
  • 567848 "Picked up and heard simultaneous voices talking at the same time. Freaked me out so I hint up and googled the number which brought me here. ... "
  • 567848 "Same as the others, barely audible female voice saying something about a $9,000 grant. I hung up. ... "
  • 567848 "Just got call from same number on my cell phone... very far away and foreign sounding person. I told them to take my number off their list right afte ... "
  • 567848 "Caller claimed to be from the Grants Dept and offered $9000 that didn't have to be paid back. Asked how I wanted the money: Western Union, EFT, or ch ... "
  • 567848 "This number called my phone twice!! No message!!I did not answer!! ... "
  • 567848 "Missed the call but heard that it is a fraud mass calling dealing with federal grant money that does not exist. ... "
  • 567848 "I just got a call from this number today. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not know and this immediately seemed very strange. They did not leav ... "
  • 567848 "I received a call earlier today at 3PM but I missed the call. I just googled this phone number because I've never seen a six digit number unless you a ... "
  • 567848 "missed call from this number... thank goodness i didnt answer my friend did and received a death threat ... "
  • 567848 "Verizon user from West Phoenix, Arizona here. Got a call from this number at about 2pm local time this afternoon. Not sure who it was or who represent ... "
  • 567848 "My Son too just got the same call. We have sprint so they are doing a mass list calling. ... "
  • 567848 "My wife just Received the same call from '567848' just as I was reporting this call here. The caller was a male with a hard to understand accent claim ... "
  • 567848 ""Received incoming call from '567848', caller was a female with a hard to understand accent claiming to be a representative of the Federal Grants ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
567-269-0019 567-280-1782 567-180-1782 567-269-0012 567-252-5226 567-253-0143 567-253-0104 567-258-0555 567-258-0014 567-244-9444 567-890-9876 567 567-251-0128 567-251-0051 567-251-0039 567-331-1878 567-251-0057 567-747-9020 567-244-5257 567-244-4582 567-252-8512 567-244-4358 567-244-4580 567-244-1627 567-862-5180 567-248-7203 567-248-4831 567-248-4455 567-248-4400 567-225-4427 567-259-9780