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  • 5678909876 "caller claimed to be from the government offering me $8000. when I told him he's a scammer and to get off my phone, he began cursing. ... "
  • 5672510128 "Stated they were from IRS that I had unpaidtaxes and that the IRS is going to file charges. I was left a message to call John at this number. ... "
  • 567-251-0051 "Guy with an Indian accent threatening being sued by IRS if I didn't call back. ... "
  • 567-331-1878 "calls evanning ... "

  • 5672510057 "Man claiming to be from the IRS asking for a call back regarding an IRS lawsuit (5 charges). ... "
  • 5672445257 ""Dept of legal affairs threatening us.". They also called before via 559-328-2353 ... "
  • 5672445257 "Dept of legal affairs threatening us. ... "
  • 5678625180 "There is usually no one there if you answer, so I don't answer anymore, but wish they would go away. I am on the do not call list. This is not the onl ... "
  • 5672487203 "recieved a call on August 30, 2012 from the caller that identifies himself as, Chris Morgan. Heavy foreign accent, didnt hardly understand him. Said ... "
  • 5672484831 "They call saying I am being investiagated from a job I last worked at over a year ago and that I need to contact them right away. ... "
  • 5672487203 ""Treaten with Legal Repocutions". Saying that they are sending athorities to my job because I won't co-operate. told them to send documentat ... "
  • 5672487203 "Treaten with Legal Repocutions. Chris Morgan name given but obviously Foreign ... "
  • 5672484831 "My dispatcher received at call last night asking for someone that works here, she replyed that he wasn't in and took a message then he said she sounde ... "
  • 5672484831 "They keep telling me I owe money to a payday loan place and I or my lawyer needs to call them. They say if they don't hear back ***** they can do is w ... "
  • 5672484831 "I just got a call from this number a few moments ago at work and the man sounded indian. He asked for someone named Christopher and when I told him th ... "
  • 5672484831 "This number keep calling saying the same thing. They leave such nasty messages and they say that they have my ssn and if i dont respond they will have ... "
  • 5672484831 "they are foreign with very think accents and they have been calling me for over 10 months from several different Ohio numbers and they keep telling me ... "
  • 5672484455 "Logged this call into my cell caller as "Junk" with a ringtone of "No ring" ... "
  • 5672484455 "caller id says "phone scam" I answered and hit 9 to talk to someone. Told them I'm on the do not call registry and the A-hole hung up. ... "
  • 5672484400 "This company calls frequently. I decided to try and talk with a live person and tell them to stop. When I was connected I told them I have an unlisted ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
567-258-0014 567-244-9444 567 567-251-0039 567-747-9020 567-244-4582 567-252-8512 567-244-4358 567-244-4580 567-244-1627 567-225-4427 567-259-9780