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Have you received a call from 904-699-9831? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (904) 699-9831

904-699-9831 / (904) 699-9831 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by my3sonsmom on July 04, 2015
"To all the people who're complaining that the Do Not Call system is not working on these calls/callers: These azzholes are overseas! That's why the DNC system doesn't work. (I thought everybody knew that by now.)"

CALLER ID: 904-699-9831

Submitted by Dee on July 01, 2015
"The first time I received a call from 904-699-9831 the woman said she was calling from Microsoft. I said "What! Why is Microsoft calling me?" She hung up. I have been receiving calls ever since, during work. I haven't answered again but next time I think I will and take them on a telephone adventure they won't soon forget!"

CALLER ID: 904-699-9831 (Florida)

Submitted by Tisha on June 18, 2015
""The guy said my computer had a problem. Wanted me to turn it on and allow him access! Hey I'm not stupid and these guys need to be followed up by our Feds !"

CALLER ID: 904-699-9831
CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft Windows (they said)

Submitted by Not stupid on June 05, 2015
"The guy said my computer had a problem. Wanted me to turn it on and allow him access! Hey I'm not stupid and these guys need to be followed up by our Feds !
They take advantage from those that don't know these thuds are theives ! First thing, if you can't understand them they are not real computer techs second any software company would notify you by mail as would the IRS, so my advise is if they call report them to your local post office or your district attorney."

CALLER ID: 904-699-9831

Submitted by David on April 07, 2015
"Keeps calling, won't stop. I told them numerous times, not interested. I wish someone would take action against this person."

Submitted by Jones on July 28, 2014
"Jan can't speak good English enough to understand her finanlly she said Do you need any home improvements done. My husband said No Take my Number off your calling list."

CALLER COMPANY: 904-699-9831

Submitted by Jennifer on February 21, 2014
"The women (Michelle) said that Microsoft have been receiving messages that my computer has a virus. when I asked the women the name of her company she said Instant Tech Support. I then asked how she received my contact info. She said ma'am, that's the job of the, admin. She refused to tell me who that was. When I hung up I tried calling the number back to see if it was a legit company, and I received the "The number your trying to reach is NOT a working #. SCAM ARTIST wasting my time and my minutes."

CALLER COMPANY: Instant Tech Support

Submitted by mike on October 25, 2013
"this guy called and said we had a virus on our computer, go to it so he can get access when asked who he works for he said windows I told him windows was a operating system not a company then hung up."

CALLER ID: 9046999831

Submitted by Mary on October 14, 2013
"These people scammed my neighbor across street for $185.00 she is 81 yrs old -she didn't know what she was doing, I took her to staples they advised her they got 10 computers in a week from this same number saying there was something wrong. These people are now calling my number -they need to be taken down -We did call the police -so if they don't do something BBB better."

CALLER ID: 9046999831

Submitted by Paige on October 14, 2013
"This same number called me today saying the same thing that my computer had been sending viruses and that he was going to help me and wanted access to my computer. I told him if I did have viruses I would handle it and I hung up on him."

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