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Have you received a call from 757-214-6785? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (757) 214-6785

757-214-6785 / (757) 214-6785 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kitty17 on August 30, 2012
"We got a call from Tracy Gordan said she was a private investgator telling my husband that I have a crimial complaint against me. I knew it fake because I have never been in trouble or even have a record. And the number was private."

Submitted by Vlyn on August 27, 2012
"Recorded message to my cell phone telling me that I'd been named in a civil suit and had to appear. They rattled off some number, but I hung up before it could finish. Didn't bother to call them back."

CALLER ID: Only phone number above
CALLER COMPANY: Only phone number above

Submitted by Ria on August 27, 2012
"I received a call at my parent's house saying there was a civil investigation/restraining order against me. The number's from Viriginia and I live in Florida. When I called back, it was just a recording. Sounds just like everyone else on this list. They even gave me a claim/locator number."

Submitted by lynn on August 24, 2012
"message didn't request/direct the call to any named individual. Just that a Civil Inv. Court action/order to show cause was filed against me and the person got a restraining order inquire within 24 hrs contact lawyer left a file number and the call back number being the same as the caller ID number. Legally speaking-doesn't something like that have to go via official documents sent to person?"

CALLER ID: 7572146785

Submitted by bd on August 22, 2012
"similar to one that i already see on here,he say he was from special investigator unit,that im supeoned to court for borrowing $1000 from a bank i never heard of called merril lynch bank."

CALLER ID: 757-214-6785
CALLER COMPANY: direct process servers

Submitted by Kathy Decker on August 22, 2012
"Got a call from a Tracy Gordon and said that a friend of ours put out a complaint against us & filed a restraining order against us. Crazy thing is we live in Florida and she lives in Tennessee. I got in touch with our friend & she said that she did not file this complaint against us and that while we were texting each other on facebook, she got a phone call from the same telephone number. This is just plain harrassment & false accusations. This Tracy Gordon sounded like a black female."

CALLER ID: 757-214-6785
CALLER COMPANY: no identification was given

Submitted by KC in NC on August 21, 2012
"call referred to a person who is a relative but has never lived with me and doesn't even live in my house"

CALLER ID: 7572146785

Submitted by teresa fields on August 14, 2012
"They duped me into thinking i was named in a lawsuit for some payday lending company"

CALLER ID: norfolk VA

Submitted by Pamela chester on August 13, 2012
"Message on my answering machine stated Investagator Mark White from process servers informing me of a restraining order against me. Thought it was a scam."

CALLER ID: unknown caller
CALLER COMPANY: Process Servers

Submitted by brian brown on August 10, 2012
"they called saying that i have 24 hours to respond or they will take legal action and i should get a lawyer they call my work i have tried too return there calls and it is ignored.the guys that have called my was russell wright and jason mall i would like if they would stop calling me and my work"

CALLER ID: 7572146785
CALLER COMPANY: direct proccess servers

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