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Have you received a call from 714-729-1810? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (714) 729-1810

714-729-1810 / (714) 729-1810 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jenny Au on February 28, 2014
""They call all the time! So sick of it"

CALLER ID: 7147291810


Submitted by Lloyd Bonifide on November 26, 2013
"Some monkey wanted to invite me to an all gay cruise to the Bahamas. They will provide a weeks supply of different color banana hammocks (whatever that is?) and a feather boa for that special friend at the captain's banquet.
I am a Korean vet for sweet Pete's sake! Told them I get seasick and don't swing that way."

CALLER COMPANY: Rugburn Cruises

Submitted by Ninja Su on November 01, 2013

Submitted by Don Madden on July 07, 2013
"They call everyday, so sick of it!!"

Submitted by BJ on June 06, 2013
"told them to stop calling"

CALLER ID: 7147291810

Submitted by Shelby on April 29, 2013
"They call all the time! So sick of it"

CALLER ID: 7147291810

Submitted by Hilda Perez on October 27, 2012
"They keep on calling me even though I have asked them not to."

CALLER ID: Placentia
CALLER COMPANY: Pacific Coast Homes

Submitted by JZ on June 27, 2012
"Telemarketing call for Pacific Coast Home Solutions trying to sell energy saving solutions for the home. You can call back and opt out by leaving your phone number, I did."

CALLER COMPANY: Pacific Coast Home Solutions


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