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Have you received a call from 713-357-6438? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (713) 357-6438

713-357-6438 / (713) 357-6438 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Crystal W on May 31, 2016
"This numbers calls my phone several times per day. They do not speak only ring when answered it hangs up. I have attempt to remove my number frm their list several times. It disconnects the call when I press 1. Today someone actually spoke to me and needed information to mail my diabetic supplies. I am not diabetic nor did I order supplies."

CALLER ID: 7133576438

Submitted by Pamela on May 06, 2016
"They have called SEVERAL times. I have REPEATEDLY pushed #1 to take my name OFF their list, I have TOLD them repeatedly to STOP calling, TAKE my # OFF your list, None of this has worked!, Earlier they called again, "CHRIS" was her name. I ask her if she new what #1 meant?? She SMUGLY replied they would call me EVERYDAY!!!!"

CALLER ID: 713-357-6438

Submitted by Janet Fairley on May 05, 2016
"I have gotten several calls from this number and when I answer, nobody says anything."

CALLER ID: 713-357-6438

Submitted by cora on May 03, 2016
"want the calls to stop, no one is ever there"

Submitted by ANNOYED on April 26, 2016
"phone rings and when answered no one is on the other end. called the number back automated answering does not announce the company's name but if you would like to be removed press 1 otherwise press 2 no agent just dead air"

CALLER ID: 713-357-6438

Submitted by Geraldine Nilson on April 20, 2016
"they did not answer and keep the call open"

CALLER ID: unknow

Submitted by Tired of these calls on April 02, 2016
"This number keeps calling, holding the line open for a short while, then saying "Good-bye" in a rather seductive tone."

CALLER ID: Unknown Name

Submitted by Kerry on March 30, 2016
"The phone rang and I answered and I said hello several times and whoever was on the other end did not answer my call. They just hung up."

CALLER ID: Unknown Caller
CALLER COMPANY: 713-357-6438

Submitted by Crazy annoyed on March 30, 2016
"I answered this on my business phone, they asked for me but didn't tell me what they wanted."

CALLER ID: 713-357-6438

Submitted by Annoyed Beyond Measure on March 30, 2016
"Frequently we receive calls from this number: 713-357-6438. When we answer there is a short pause, then a seductive female breathes one word: "Good-bye" and then breaks the connection."

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