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Have you received a call from 713-357-6438? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (713) 357-6438

713-357-6438 / (713) 357-6438 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Ellen on September 28, 2016
"I answered the call and no one was there."

Submitted by Guest User on September 02, 2016
"I was called by this number and they asked
who I was. I said hello twice.They laughed
and then hung up. No company name was mentioned nor what it was about"

Submitted by terri simandl on August 09, 2016
"they cant speak english and ask for my name and can barely speak english. I asked what this is for and they hung up."

Submitted by Barabara on July 19, 2016
"Just received a call from this number could not understand them, and ask if they could talk more clearer instead she starts talking louder I told her to pull the mike away from her ear, she hung up, I looked up and found out it a scam through this. not sure if this was a medical supposely calling or what could not understand who they were or what they were calling about."

CALLER ID: (713) 357-6438
CALLER COMPANY: I think a medical company

Submitted by Jan on July 15, 2016
"I keep getting calls from this number and others. It is some medical services company. When i block one number, they call me from a different one. This is becoming more than annoying and I want it to stop."

CALLER ID: 7133676438

Submitted by Chriss Martorelli on July 11, 2016
"Called twice because I stopped giving my information and they wanted more and plan to call again.
Unfortunately, provided them with my insurance
card number. Now worried what they will do with that info."

CALLER ID: 7133576438
CALLER COMPANY: diabetic group

Submitted by Merry on June 27, 2016
"they have called me 3 times, each time I tell them I am not in Pain, have not asked for help and would like them to remove my phone number from their database"


Submitted by Crystal W on May 31, 2016
"This numbers calls my phone several times per day. They do not speak only ring when answered it hangs up. I have attempt to remove my number frm their list several times. It disconnects the call when I press 1. Today someone actually spoke to me and needed information to mail my diabetic supplies. I am not diabetic nor did I order supplies."

CALLER ID: 7133576438

Submitted by Pamela on May 06, 2016
"They have called SEVERAL times. I have REPEATEDLY pushed #1 to take my name OFF their list, I have TOLD them repeatedly to STOP calling, TAKE my # OFF your list, None of this has worked!, Earlier they called again, "CHRIS" was her name. I ask her if she new what #1 meant?? She SMUGLY replied they would call me EVERYDAY!!!!"

CALLER ID: 713-357-6438

Submitted by Janet Fairley on May 05, 2016
"I have gotten several calls from this number and when I answer, nobody says anything."

CALLER ID: 713-357-6438

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