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Have you received a call from 646-612-3456? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (646) 612-3456

646-612-3456 / (646) 612-3456 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by KIM on October 13, 2016
"The phone number in question called my number early this morning. I was on another call and couldn't get to it, so I looked it up and found out about the scam. It says it comes from New York, NY."

CALLER ID: 6466123456

Submitted by Dama on October 03, 2016
"Have complained about this number previously - and they are still calling me and saying that they are from the Technical Department of Windows and that I am to upgrade my computer because it is sending viruses
Over 25 times in the last 2 years been called from this number or similar with the same message - this time is a female - with an accent
Would like to know if they can be sued - because it is very upsetting to me"

CALLER ID: 646 612-3456
CALLER COMPANY: Technical Department from Windows

Submitted by Tom on October 03, 2016
"Male speaking with an accent asking if I owned a computer. I said no. He asked then what do I have. I said a cell phone and he hung up. Just like other complaints there was background chatter. Scam. To bad the national do not call registry is useless."

CALLER ID: New York (646) 612-3456

Submitted by Kristi Kirkpatrick on September 29, 2016
Windows Technical Support call from yet another number. These harassing calls are ridiculous. They call my first land line and then immediately roll to my home office land line. Indian speaking person on the other end of the line. Please make it stop."

CALLER ID: 6466123456
CALLER COMPANY: Windows Technical Support

Submitted by richard salo on August 31, 2016
"they keep calling, claim they can fix my computer. it is a acam"

CALLER ID: wireless caller

Submitted by Tim on August 29, 2016
"I have been receiving calls from the same idiot claiming to "fix my windows computer" LOL... He has been calling for Months and I see by the web search it has been going on with others for years. Stop this nutcase!

Number is 646-612-3456"

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by Eric on August 07, 2016
"Called saying I had been hacked. Tried gaining access to my laptop, I hung up and reset my computer immediately."

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by B Lowe on August 07, 2016
"Calls every couple of days..does not usually say anything. But one time did say goodbye."

CALLER ID: 16466123456

Submitted by Ed on July 30, 2016
"I missed the phone call while away from the phone. Checked the number on Google and found that it is the same scam trying to get me to open my computer to them.

Dialed the number and it was disconnected/not in service. Not a legitimate business number."

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by Greg on July 29, 2016
"The caller said from Windows RE: my computer"

CALLER ID: 6466123456
CALLER COMPANY: Scam from windows

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