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Have you received a call from 646-612-3456? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (646) 612-3456

646-612-3456 / (646) 612-3456 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by tanya on May 24, 2016
"caller with the very heavy accent, said he is from Microsoft support.
I've got several phone call on cell phone and home phone ##. No matter what i am saying they keep calling and just laughing when i told them i am going to report them."

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by Jack on February 19, 2016
"Received call from adult male reporting he worked for "Global Technical Department" and was calling me to address a problem with my Windows Operating System. I asked his location, he reported it was in India. He claimed his name was Robert Hooa and had a heavy Indian accent. The number came up on my phone as 8604892058 New York, NY. He reported their "main frame" was reporting error messages from my computer and asked me to hold a succession of keys so he could show me the problem. I concluded the call not desiring his clearly fraudulent inquiry."

CALLER COMPANY: Global Technical Department of Windows Operating Systems

Submitted by aega on February 15, 2016
"received several calls from this number, does not leave a message but calls repeatedly."


Submitted by Sara Jones on February 13, 2016
"claim to be from Microsoft Windows, will not stop calling even though I asked them to put me on their DNC list. Told me they did not have to stop calling."


Submitted by arthur piazza on February 11, 2016
"i keep getting a call and a hang up i want them to stop"

Submitted by Yeppers on February 01, 2016
"The called me, said from Window's. For sure a foreigner, a male. Asian or Indian. I told him, I said what would your mother do if she seen you doing this scammer stuff, I said wouldnt she be disappointed in you. I went on to preach the gospel, I said there is a God in Heaven watching you and you will have to face him one day about your scams. Then he laughed and started cussing me out. I said I told you, you were a scammer, what legitimate company would cuss a customer out. He was totally confused, then handed the phone to his female counterpart. I started preaching the gospel to her, she proclaimed it was not a scam. I told her about judgement day too, Told her she should get a real job at Wal Mart. I also said by the way, the name of the company is not Windows. I said Windows is a product by the company Microsoft. I said at least get the name of the company right and dont forget Jesus is watching you still. Then she hung up. They have a tape playing in the background, its funny like you are supposed to hear 100's of phone reps talking. They couldnt keep the tape running and had to keep turning it back on. Was sort of funny."

Submitted by Emmet on October 29, 2015
"Received a number of calls from this number. Don't recognize the number and left it go into voice mail. Never leave a message and when I call it back it is busy. When I check on this site found it to be reported.
It is reported as from a "wireless caller""

Submitted by Shirl B. on September 25, 2015
"A woman with heavy accent said she was from technical support and I said "I am not interested and please remove my number from your list". She said "I will call you tomorrow." I repeated what I said before and she said ". I told you I will call again tomorrow". I said and no one will answer. She said " I will call you again tomorrow"."

Submitted by lady on September 22, 2015
"called twice a week apart. stopped the caller from talking. she said,"shut up", and hung up on me"


Submitted by Sue on September 02, 2015
"A man claims to be from windows technical support. He speaks with a strong accent (perhaps Indian?) and there is background noise of other people talking (call center?). He claims that their servers have detected a problem with my computer. He asks if I am near the computer and requests that I go to it. I ask if there is a number where he can be reached. He ignores the question and again asks me to go to the computer. When I ask for a phone number the second time he hangs up. I used 69 to obtain the calling number 646-612-3456.

Iím on the national Do Not Call list maintained by the U.S. FTC/FCC. It should be possible for a government office that maintains the Do Not Call list to work with large phone companies (e.g. AT&T) to stop or dramatically diminish the number of such calls. Simply correlating the Do Not Call list with phone company data about which originating phone numbers are making suspiciously many calls to numbers on the Do Not Call list could help identify the scammers. Unfortunately, the number of scam calls is rising dramatically, and Iím not alone in observing this. It seems that the Do Not Call list is of little value. Are there any politicians out there looking for votes? Ö If so, do something about this problem.

There have been multiple calls from similar windows/Microsoft computer support scammers. When I did, have a few minutes to go along with the requests out of curiosity the scammer eventually wanted me to download software. He requested that I type a command into the Windows ďStart menuĒ search box that could download software onto my machine. Iím certainly NOT downloading some malware from an unknown source because an evasive man calls my home!"

CALLER COMPANY: windows technical support

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