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Have you received a call from 646-612-3456? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (646) 612-3456

646-612-3456 / (646) 612-3456 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Bob on May 12, 2015
"My mom got a call from this number 3 times in the last 3 months saying he John from Microsoft, funny "John" with an Indian accent, said that someone is hacking her computer as we speak.I can see it on my screen. I told him I don't know who's screen your looking at but you sure as hell not looking at my moms. He said yes i am i see it now. I said 1) her pc is not turned on 2) she does not have internet service and 3) no wifi for her to even connect to a unsecure wifi connection."

Submitted by john tori on May 06, 2015
"Just got the call a second time, this time for my wife's computer. Not a sucker again."

Submitted by DwC on May 06, 2015
"Person with east asia accent said he was from Microsoft and wanted me to install remote access program on my computer. I pretended to be ignorant and led him on for a bit before I told him in no way would I let him have access - after his arguing with me I hung up. He called again and called me a MF I hung up again. Called again 3 - 4 times until I disconnected my phone"

CALLER ID: 6466123456

Submitted by homer on May 02, 2015
"told the guy to stop calling us. he called me a mother f@#$#@ then told me to go f&^ my mother. hey dipstick if you read these post on your number come and see me so i can kick your ass"

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by K M Christie on April 24, 2015
"Caller did not speak"

Submitted by DIANE on April 14, 2015
"My elderly mother got a call from a foreign individual from this number stating that he wanted to discuss her email issue. She said that she does not do business over the phone and hung up."

CALLER ID: 6466123456

Submitted by Deb Konstant on April 02, 2015
"Windows scam. I spoke to a rep from Windows and they confirmed it. They want you to press ctrl and the windows icon to gain access to your system. DO NOT DO IT!"

CALLER ID: 6466123456

Submitted by ka on March 30, 2015
"caller hang up when I answered the phone"

Submitted by eatacowsandnig on March 28, 2015
"fed up that a inept government can't find/prosecute a phonescam operation that's been using the same "fake" number for years, unless the campaign contributions are that good?"


Submitted by peanut on March 03, 2015
"I got a call from this number at 8pm last night.An indian guy said he is a tech with microsoft windows and my computer is sending out bad signals and we need to fix it.We got to the point online where these numbers came up.He wanted them really bad.My husband came into the room and said don't give this guy anything.Turn off your computer.There was a car in front of our home and someone had a light going in it.He said they were trying to hack my computer.This guy is suppose to call back at 10am today.I'm thinking of giving him wrong numbers if he even calls back."

CALLER ID: new yor 6466123456

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