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Have you received a call from 646-612-3456? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (646) 612-3456

646-612-3456 / (646) 612-3456 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by jc on August 10, 2015
"indian guy claims to be from Microsoft affiliate/ claims my pc is being used by multiple/ told him could getting rid of it anyway/ I think I spoke to the same guy when I got transferred during a hp support call"

CALLER COMPANY: microsoft affiliate

Submitted by Kris on August 05, 2015
"A man with a thick Indian accent claimed he was with Microsoft Security. My computer has unauthorized activity. I've had calls like this before. I led him on for a minute and then told him off. I suggested he go out and find an honest job."

CALLER ID: Cell Phone NY

Submitted by Terrie on July 22, 2015
"Continually calls. I don't answer the phone and they don't leave a message.
I try to call back and just get a fast busy signal."

CALLER ID: 6466123456

Submitted by Lillee on July 06, 2015
"very threatening keeps calling and won't stop"

Submitted by Calvin on June 25, 2015
"The caller claim to work for Microsoft Global Security.He tried to get me to perform function under RUN cmd. He asked, " What OS do I have?". I ask him don't he know. He stated that my system is sending error messages to their server and wants to show me. He also stated something about been hack. There was a lot of noise in the background, like it was a large office of people."

CALLER ID: 6466123456
CALLER COMPANY: Microsoft Global Security

Submitted by Manuel on June 23, 2015
"Caller left message on answering machine "you die""


Submitted by Darlene King on June 11, 2015
"This number we get calls from weekly and also monthly several times saying they are from US Pharmaceutical asking we are needing our preion refilled. We have never ordered anything from this and asked that they not call us anymore-to take our name off their list. They say ok but continue to call back over and over. This has been g on for over a year now. Sometimes when they call it is usually my husband answering and they either hang up or go into their speech. This is getting very, very old we don't want to answer the phone."

CALLER COMPANY: US Pharrmaceutical

Submitted by Illinois on June 04, 2015
"Received call from a man who identified himself as working for Global Technical Support Microsoft and that our computer was at risk for viruses. He said that someone from a foreign country was using our IP address."

CALLER ID: 6466123456
CALLER COMPANY: Global Technical Support

Submitted by M on June 04, 2015

Submitted by not a fool on May 30, 2015
"Indian guy said he was a tech from the tech department of my home computer. I asked what home computer and he said Your home computer. i said which home computer and he said your home computer. All the while my answers were echoing loudly in the background as if he looped the call and was trying to hack."

CALLER ID: 6466123456

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