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Have you received a call from 616-613-2079? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (616) 613-2079

616-613-2079 / (616) 613-2079 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Hatice on October 25, 2013
"Card Member Services, an automated system calls me, almost every day to lower my Credit Card interest rate. I've told them not to call me again, they hang u the phone to my ace,then they never stop calling me & they keep calling me every day. I've told them, I am on do not call registry, but they ignore & keep calling me, with many new different phone numbers. These people always use many phone numbers to call me to call me. These are they numbers.616-613-2227.616-980-2622.
616-613-2079. 616-980-2164. 706-805-1775."

CALLER ID: Card Member Services
CALLER COMPANY: Card member Services

Submitted by Granny14 on September 25, 2013
"I hang up as soon as I pick up the phone. I should ask for their home phone number so I can call then at all hours of the night."

Submitted by a warren on July 10, 2013
"I would like this company to quite calling. I have requested calls to stop and they hang up on me"

CALLER ID: 616-613-2079

Submitted by marc on June 28, 2013
"telemarker- I am on the do not call register, but they do not respect that or your time."

Submitted by Rhonda on June 17, 2013
"Received a call from this number, no message. When I tried to call the number back there was a recording indicating that the number was not in service."

CALLER ID: 616-613-2079

Submitted by Bobby on April 09, 2013
"It always says second and final call every time they call and press 1 to accept or something like that. Think I have been getting same message with different number. Always a recording."

CALLER COMPANY: Credit Card Debt

Submitted by N/A on April 05, 2013
"dont know this number"

CALLER ID: rx assistance

Submitted by Sherry on April 04, 2013
"They keep calling to lower my credit card bills, I HAVE NONE. When I ask them to remove me, they don't call for about a month and it starts again. I keep blocking their incoming calls but this slime has a lot of lines. I am on National DO NOT CALL list."

CALLER ID: 616-613-2079
CALLER COMPANY: Credit card something

Submitted by Ted S on April 03, 2013
"Receive 5 - 7 calls per week from same number

CALLER COMPANY: credit card discount

Submitted by arneita on March 26, 2013
"I got a call now for RX assistance. Did they now give up the lower yr interest. I do not answer these people ever......"

CALLER ID: RX Assistace
CALLER COMPANY: also lower yr interest

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