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Have you received a call from 459-121-8344? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (459) 121-8344

459-121-8344 / (459) 121-8344 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by working mom on December 07, 2012
"I told the caller to take mem off herlist and she said "NO, NO, do you get it?- NO!""

CALLER ID: 459-121-8344

Submitted by AP on December 06, 2012
"Calls multiple times a day, I don't know how they got my number and I don't owe anything. Please stop! On fixed income!!"

CALLER ID: 459-121-8344

Submitted by maria on December 06, 2012
"calls my cell 2a week"

CALLER ID: no name

Submitted by Colleen Linn on December 06, 2012
"This number keeps calling me repeatedly. I do not know them, or what they are talking about."

CALLER ID: 459-121-8344

Submitted by Carla on December 04, 2012
"they call me twice...I answered the 2nd time and said I fill out in survey online and then I pass my phone to my 3 year old son hahaha"

CALLER ID: 459-121-8344
CALLER COMPANY: not traceable

Submitted by Karen on December 01, 2012
"Got a call from this number on my new phone...didn't answer it of course as only 3 people have the number. I'm wondering if Trac-Phone sells our phone numbers to make more money when we burn up minutes on stupid calls like this!!"

Submitted by gary on November 28, 2012
"sure would like to know who this is. i get a call aday from them. When i call backits busy"

CALLER ID: 459-121-8344

Submitted by annoyed on November 28, 2012
"My friend & I both received a call from this # (459)121-8344 today..."

Submitted by T Balzert on November 26, 2012
"They keep calling????"

Submitted by lyn on November 24, 2012
"this number has called me twice today
i call them back and just get a busy signal
i am on the do not call list"

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