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Have you received a call from 425-668-9652? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (425) 668-9652

425-668-9652 / (425) 668-9652 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Thomas C on March 06, 2014
"They have been calling me for the last month and just called now, I'm sick of this and want it to STOP... will someone do something about these harassing calls, I'm sick They got me once and messed up my computer I lost all my histry and photos, not happy.. They say they are from microsoft!! I'm calling them as soon as I'm done this....."

CALLER ID: kumarprabh2
CALLER COMPANY: they say microsoft

Submitted by LadyBug on February 03, 2014
"I have had a number of these calls in early 2013, kept asking them to take me off there list, thought it had worked but now with the new year i have gotten around 3 called a week. they tell me they are working with microsoft and that my computer has alerted them of a virus, they hang up when i tell them i have a mac. This last time they called Feb 3 2014 they called me a mother F.. I really want these guys to stop calling."

CALLER ID: 425-668-9652

Submitted by Annoyed on January 27, 2014
"Claims calling regarding windows problem.

TELL HIM YOU DON'T HAVE A COMPUTER. See how fast he will hang up. If you try toncall the number back says it is disconnected."

Submitted by Guest User on January 27, 2014
"Caller claiming to be from Microsoft."

Submitted by chick on January 24, 2014
"A man with an Indian accent said he represented Microsoft. He informed me that the Windows on my computer was infected"

CALLER ID: 425-668-9652

Submitted by maisonneuve on January 24, 2014
"Call received at any time day and nitgh very annoying."

CALLER ID: nothing

Submitted by B Booth on January 23, 2014
"This number called at 7:27 AM on Jan. 22/14 and again at 5:49 AM on Jan.23/14.With a call display as V01231822180035.
First time I hit talk and then off.
Today I just let it ring and the message on machine said in an electronic voice " Goodbye"
Very annoying to call early in the morning."

CALLER ID: V01231822180035

Submitted by Claire on January 14, 2014
"this number calls very early in the morning, several times a day and late at night. When I answer, I end up saying hello several times and then an electronic voice comes on, says "goodbye" and hangs up. I've tried calling the number back but it only says the number dialed cannot be reached. Two months ago, when it started, someone WAS on the line saying they were appointed by the government to clear problems on our home computer and were persistent--almost ANGRY--when I wouldnt get on my home computer and let them "sync up". This is so frustrating--hoiw do I make them stop--obviously they are malicious!"

CALLER ID: 425-668-9652

Submitted by floretta frazier on January 11, 2014
"someone called me...a man acted like he couldn't hear me saying hello..several times...he didn't respond...i hung up..don't want this person calling my home again."

CALLER ID: 4256689652

Submitted by april sands on December 14, 2013
"same thing happened to us he has called 3 times says turn your computer on he almost got my mom and she is disablied"

CALLER ID: 4256689652

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