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Have you received a call from 416-364-1111? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (416) 364-1111

416-364-1111 / (416) 364-1111 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kelly on July 29, 2014
"Recd a called that the GOVT wanted to give me 9K grant... But when he needed to confirm information he has all the wrong information. I hung and kept calling back..."

CALLER ID: 416-364-1111
CALLER COMPANY: Langara investments

Submitted by Joanne on July 24, 2014
"rec calls from this person in the past and actually fell for it. Had them clean the computers and now I wish I did not do that. Because now every few months I get a phone call from these people. Told them to stop and even threatened to call the FCC dept on them.
Yesterday we rec some more calls from this # but it was showing the ID of Langara Investments. So hubby ansered and then gave me the call when he started in on the comouter. I hung up. Called a second time, did not answer and then a 3rd time from a #1 unknown."

CALLER ID: 416-364-1111
CALLER COMPANY: Langara Investments

Submitted by Lk on July 15, 2014
"Same computer scam about my windows computer being infected. Too bad I don't own a windows computer. Before hanging up, I suggested they learn English."

CALLER ID: 416-364-1111

Submitted by SCAM 216-925-0433 on March 05, 2014
"Received a call from SCAM ARTIST "Jason" who said he detected a security issue on my computer and wanted us to give him access to my computer. Looked on here and it seems to be a scam. What was confusing is a few days earlier I actually gave Microsoft's Office 360 team access to fix something, which they did perfectly. BUT IT APPEARS 216-925-0433 IS A SCAM. DO NOT GIVE THEM CONTROL."

Submitted by monica gaynor on January 15, 2014
"caller had a heavy foreign accent and was telling me he worked for windows and my computer was infected and he wanted to assist. I felt bad vibes and was not getting of my questions answered so I hung up !!"

CALLER ID: 4163641111

Submitted by S on January 13, 2014
"A heavy accent( middle eastern) man told me he was from Windows and that my computer was picking up malicious malware and that I should need to be in front of my computer so he can prove he is calling from Windows. I told him if he has access to my computer, why not just send me something over the web. He explained some story and then I told him I wanted to call Windows myself. He told me to hold on then he proceeded to give me another number with a different area code to call 216-925-0433 and he gave me his name. Devon Carter. No way was this his name. He did not speak perfect English at all so I know he was not a Carter last name. I immediately Googled the number and also looked for Windows phone number both of which were not linked together. BOGUS!! Do not give any info to these people. SCAM."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by Connie on December 09, 2013
"We got this call but my husband couldn't tell who was calling so I looked but they only let it ring twice so I didn't have the chance to answer, glad I didn't pick it up. At least now I know what to expect if I do answer it. I know they aren't calling for computer problems as I have a 4 year service agreement with my computer purchase and it is from HP not Windows or Microsoft."

CALLER ID: toronto ontario

Submitted by Iowa Man on August 30, 2013
"Just received a call from this number and it showed up as coming from Ontario, Canada. Answered it and the next thing I know my iPhone Camera is up on the screen with a live view of myself, then I hear a click and the call is disconnected??"

Submitted by Brylene Sells on August 20, 2013
"I got a call from this number saying they were calling for Obama health care. Funny the caller id show the call coming from Canada. So I gave him a hard time and he hung up on me LOL"


Submitted by Alarmed American Citizen on August 19, 2013
"I answered, he said my name. I said who is this, he told me some weird name. I asked who he was with. He told me he was with a government computer firm. I googled # w/ him on the phone and told him no he was not w/ OUR government. He went so far to say: they had my name as ___, my address as____ and my religion as Catholic (I’m actually a protestant). I hung up after that, seriously scary, they had the first 2 correct and may have been on a witch hunt for the 3rd!!!! Knowing that overseas telemarketers are not held to the do not call registery, I knew he did not live in the US. This is especially scary when they call your child’s cell phone. Due to high ranking Islamic brotherhood radicals that also work in our banking systems and government, much of our personal information is given to other Islamic brotherhood radicals to have further access to our personal lives. My heart goes out to the peaceful “western” Muslims in our country that have lived here for over 20 years and are caught in the middle. I used to be a supporter of our president, no more. I used to be a non-practicing Christian, no more, especially after the Islamic brotherhood radicals continue to protest and winning in taking down Crosses and Stars of David in our county. Please at least encourage your family and friends to educate themselves on this subject. Please ensure your peaceful, loving, and non-radical Muslim friends understand that you will continue to be their supportive friend. The Spanish-style inquisition and Nazism type targeting that the Islamic brotherhood radicals are creating in this country and worldwide is concerning. Watch what they are doing in Egypt and be very cautious!! I had a conversation recently w/ an elderly couple from Germany. They told me that the unsettling concern they feel now is worse than what they felt prior to WWII. Keep in mind the modern resources that terrorist can now use against us NOW as opposed to pre-Hitler. These “telemarketers” and using the guise of these “businesses” as one way to infiltrate our country and our government is wearing blinders. BEING ANTI-TERRORIST IS NOT THE SAME THING AS BEING PREJUDICE AGAINST MUSLIMS!!!!!! We bend over backwards to make sure the Muslim brotherhood is not offended and that they enjoy religious freedom, but Christians and Jews are not afforded the same rights in our country. Actually there is a witch hunt now against Christians and Jews in this country. Unfortunately our fellow citizens are too busy watching TV, maxing out their credit cards, posting photos /posts about mindless things on social media, following details in celebrities lives, addicted to porn, and overeating to take time to notice or care. We look like fools to the rest of the world! These telemarketer calls from nations w/ a Muslim majority are increasing and the Muslin brotherhood radicals are not subject to USA’s FCC rules in these nations!!!"

CALLER ID: 416-364-1111
CALLER COMPANY: A gov't computer firm

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