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Have you received a call from 415-484-8569? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (415) 484-8569

415-484-8569 / (415) 484-8569 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by meranda perlingiero on February 05, 2014
"got a call from this number and they told me that I would be arrested by the us marshall's office from fraud. I have been getting calls like this for 4 years now and am just sick of it. His name was Andrew Bell. Caller id says he is from Texas but said the New York office would "pick me up""

CALLER ID: 817-768-8833
CALLER COMPANY: State Attorney's office

Submitted by Brenda on December 18, 2013
"Have received at least 3 calls over the last three weeks from a male identifying himself as Edward Marshal, speaking extremely broken English (perhaps an Indian accent?). Actually asks for me by name each time, even on the voice mail message. Same story, "IRS...", "extremely time sensitive", "call before legal action takes place..." In the 1st call I kept telling him I couldn't understand him. Finally I said to please just mail me a letter and hung up. The second call my husband answered. Same basic conversation (still asking only for me), gave my husband the name as Edward Marshal and the phone #, asking that I call him as soon as possible."

CALLER ID: 415-484-8569
CALLER COMPANY: Investigative Dept of IRS

Submitted by CW on December 16, 2013
"James Brown, with a very strong and difficult to understand broken English, called me and said he was a paralegal with the IRS and was calling concerning an investigation. Of course, I didn't believe him, so he told me to call 415-484-8569 and ask for Senior investigator Kenneth Webster."

CALLER ID: 415-484-8569

Submitted by Naz on December 13, 2013
"Received several calls from this number... could not understand woman on line. Said she was calling from IRS, Investigation unit and to have my lawyer or accountant call them to discuss past due taxes. I could not understand her, so I asked for her name and badge ID. Her name was Michael Johnson... I think. Told her I could not understand her to call me from a different line.

I later called the number, a woman answered the phone number 'Investigation Bureau of Internal Revenue'. She had the amount I owed on my taxes had been reported to them, to have my lawyer or accountant call them. I told her, we had an agreement and she said that agreement was void as new rules have been reinstated. I told her that I am looking at my agreement, that I spoke to someone from IRS a few weeks back. She said just have your lawyer call us and hung up the phone.

I am on the phone waiting for IRS to help me understand what is going on as I am very nervous.

After reading the logs above, I feel a little better. Thanks for sharing."

CALLER ID: 415-484-8569

Submitted by upset on December 12, 2013
"same call but lady's name was Stanley Williamson"

CALLER ID: unknown name

Submitted by PD on December 09, 2013
"Some clown with an accent from one of those countries we should have whacked in one of those "police actions" in the Indo-Pakistan peninsula just told me I was in beeg trouble. Bull ***** IRS hoax call. Keeps calling - back. Persistent little ***** ."

CALLER ID: 415-484-8569

Submitted by David on December 02, 2013
"I received a call from a man with a heavy accent claiming to be with the IRS. He proported I had an outstanding balance and requested my attorneys name and phone number.
When I asked for his ID and why he was calling me at 5:30 am from Calif., he suggested I speak with his supervisor. WORRY NOT, it is a total SCAM...Provide them with no information"

Submitted by TK on November 27, 2013
"received a call from Jim Brown leaving a measage on vm advising not to the message and call asap claimning to be from IRS. He states we owe back taxes. Tried to call this number back with no response."

Submitted by waheeda on November 26, 2013
"Caller left a message to call within 45 mins. When I called and asked for the person, a lady Michelle said she would help me. Told me that i owed back taxes and the cops were going to come and arrest me . told me that i would be in jail for a year which is not bailable. Told her that i didnt receive any letter or notification. As her to talk to my husband, when my husband said hello she disconnected. Googled this number and found out it was fraud."

Submitted by Kaye Starr on November 26, 2013
"Received a call from someone claiming to be IRS. They stated I owe 39,000 and would be arrested with 48 hours. When I ask for their IRS ID # they hung up."

CALLER ID: 4154848569

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