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Have you received a call from 407-519-0746? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (407) 519-0746

407-519-0746 / (407) 519-0746 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Angry on February 12, 2014
"Another call from the same jerks. Who is going to stop these guys?"


Submitted by Angry on January 30, 2014
"Said I purchased a package for under 200 in 2008 and I owed another 898. I told them I was calling an atty and the better business bureau."

CALLER COMPANY: Vacation Business on deck

Submitted by UPset on January 16, 2014
"I just got a very disturbing call from 407 519 0746 and he said that I paid 498 for a trip I didn't take and I owed another 1398 that my card would be charged he said his name was Frank Susi no 6777 and he would wave the 500 if I would pay 1398 for a new trip. He claim I authorized a charge in sept 18 2008 and they have an auto charge they have my voice accepting it. I asked to see his supervisor and he didn't want to give it to me. I said well tell me what the last 4 digits of my card is and he said he couldn't do that. It is just a scam and I had never had a charge on my card for that 498 and never heard of Vacation on Deck. If you get a call just hang up!"

CALLER COMPANY: Vacation on Deck

Submitted by Junior on January 04, 2014
"Ashley Smith wanted $798 today or you would be charged $1298 for some bogus vacation from 5 years ago. This is a complete scam. Do not give any info. They don't have any up to date credit card info which is why they are calling.
I wasted an hour of my life worrying about this, but at least I wasted an hour of hers as well. She wasn't happy. She called back several times afterwards."

CALLER ID: Geneva FL 4075190746
CALLER COMPANY: Corporate Travel

Submitted by Jennifer on November 27, 2013
"I got a call from this guy twice in the last 2 days. The First time it was a guy claiming to be from Special T Travel saying that I didn't take my vacation I had purchased 2 years ago and that now I owe them 1,000.00. But if I pay 798.00 now that it won't be sent to Collections. I said I am not paying for something I never took its ridiculous. They called back last night and I didn't answer. I got a voicemail, so I listened to it and it was a guy who didn't realize he still had the phone on and was talking to someone else about money or something, it was very strange. So this definitely makes me think its a scam for sure. Don't answer this caller!"

CALLER ID: 407-519-0746

Submitted by Miley on October 16, 2013
"Asked for bank account information, definitely fraudulent."


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