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Have you received a call from 407-327-6466? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (407) 327-6466

407-327-6466 / (407) 327-6466 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Sharon Potter on September 26, 2013
"I usually do not answer these kinds of calls,
but he calls every day. English was not his first language and I was unable to understand any question. It interests me that he knew my name and called using my cell number.
The caller terminated the call after I said I was unable to understand his English."

Submitted by Audra on September 26, 2013
"They keep calling and calling and asking if I used a vaginal mesh and other birth control, I explained that isn't a question a man should be calling a woman at dinner time asking and who the hell is this they hang up. So today very calmly I asked can I speak with your supervisor, he actually said this, no lie "no, you can't." As I started explaining how what he is doing is harassment he asked why I told him becuse you yourself has called me like 100 times already and- he then broke in and told me to shut up ...he actually said this "shut..shut up, I do not care report me you don't know who I am..or where I am" I said well I can quess your from India or another area where they speak no English since yours is broken and I can't understand half of what you say. I then got irate and started saying put your manager or supervisor on he damn phone now! He laughed and said again " have you ever had vaginal your p$#y?" This is not ok and there calling my landline I can't get them o stop or help from th phone provider..this is not ok please help I want something done about this!! Is there anything we can do?"

CALLER ID: 4073276466
CALLER COMPANY: Unknown name

Submitted by Beth McGregor on September 25, 2013
"Noticed this number had called my cell phone. I googled the number and discovered many complaints about it so I am adding a complaint"


Submitted by jody on September 18, 2013
"This number has called 4 times today. Its obviously a computer generated call because when i call it back it is a non working number."

CALLER ID: 4073276466

Submitted by Dee on September 06, 2013
"This number is not reachable it calls me atleast 4 to 5 times a day I can't answer my phone at work and i try to return the call it says its not a working number"

CALLER ID: 407-327-6466

Submitted by pb on September 04, 2013
they were from a legal department"

Submitted by Holly on August 27, 2013
"Was in a work meeting so I could not answer the call. When I returned the call later it said the number was disconnected."

CALLER ID: 4073276466

Submitted by Guest User on August 21, 2013
"4073276466 has called me twice a day for a week now. I have not answered the phone as I do not live in the state of florida and do not recognize the number as being family. I called the number back 2 min after they called and got a recording stating number is no longer in I looked it up and found this site."

CALLER ID: 4073276466

Submitted by CB on August 19, 2013
"Receive calls 4 or 5 times a day and when I call back it is not a working number."

Submitted by Lb on August 12, 2013
"Keeps calling about birth control and will not stop calling when I repeated do not call me, I am not interested."

CALLER ID: 4073276466

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