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Have you received a call from 312? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 312

312 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by CL on March 10, 2016
"Threating a lawsuit...blah,blah..."

CALLER ID: 312-458-5721

Submitted by Lonnie on January 10, 2016
"replied to craigs list ad I had posted in Sarasota Florida for rims for sale
tried to get my info name, address ect
could see it was a scam right away callers name was supposedly morgan"

CALLER ID: 312-320-5813

Submitted by Bill on December 08, 2015
"The IRS is getting ready to file a lawsuit against you..."

CALLER ID: 312-985-5966

Submitted by Marty on December 02, 2015
"Lady with foreign accent claimed she was calling me because I qualified for a government grant yea right"

CALLER ID: 1312-587-0128

Submitted by DK on December 02, 2015
"Keep getting calls from 312-638-6568 When I answer it is a foreign country calling. They call several time a day."

CALLER COMPANY: Chicago Merchant

Submitted by Jake on November 30, 2015
"Am getting harassed by this telemarketer. I told them to stop calling and I still get the calls. They claim they have a credit card offer for me. Please shut these guys down."

CALLER ID: 3124711576

Submitted by jase on November 25, 2015
"US Government Grant Scam, very obvious foreigners trying to gain American's information for Identity Theft"

CALLER ID: 312-587-0128

Submitted by Miri on November 23, 2015
"1-312-996-8890 Chicago IL - calls my cell frequently but leaves not message. It is long distance and unknown, i will not answer as I do not know anyone with that phone number, nor do I know anyone in Chicago IL."

Submitted by John on October 29, 2015
"Received a call saying that they were the US Government and I'd won a $9,000 grant. She had a very thick foreign accent. She told me that I could collect the grant by direct deposit into my bank account, crediting my credit card account or cash (western union through Walmart or somewhere like that). She gave me some confirmation number and another number to their "accounting department" that I was supposed to call to arrange the wire transfer. What kind of person actually falls for this type of stuff? Sadly, there must be plenty who do or the scammers wouldn't still be calling."

CALLER ID: 312-587-0128

Submitted by DK on October 08, 2015
"got call from 312-340-5578 two times frist time couldn't understand so much static with a foreign accent, second time didn't answer cause I took it as a scam."

CALLER ID: 312-340-5578

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