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Have you received a call from 312? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 312

312 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Richard on May 17, 2018
"Got a call from 321 312 7321 and something about $15,000. I could not really understand the message."

CALLER ID: 321 312 7321

Submitted by Luvenia Jones on January 30, 2018
"They said I was approved for financial aid from the government"


Submitted by TIFFANIE walker on January 05, 2018
"Got call from 312 lady say a have a name be e d his preion pick up I said didn't know that person ask was my number 891 7100"


Submitted by ann napieral on September 26, 2017
"I am on a no all listing. These idiots are calling me twicw a day no message left.
called back recording said I was approved for a loan. the number was from 312-319-9597
someone has to stop this harassment.
they leave no message just let it ring 10 times. These people need some professional
help. Please leave me alone or I will report
them to the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Why have a DO NOT CALL when they can still call."

Submitted by Theresa on September 14, 2017
"I have been getting calls from 312 223-4563 the one I got this morning shows Chicago Title but they are wanting to give me a back brace.The have called using different area codes and claim to be working with medicare and want my s.s. number"

Submitted by DT on August 18, 2017
"I am getting too many scamming and fraud phone calls from 312-533-4617. These calls are annoying."

CALLER ID: PrimePay Global

Submitted by Pam on August 17, 2017
"They was telling me that my computer was full of malicious malware and scams. Wanted me to go to my computer and follow their instructions."

CALLER ID: 1-312-066-7711

Submitted by Joseph Brennan on May 03, 2017
"Multiple calls claiming to have grant from treasury dept."

CALLER ID: 3126101989

Submitted by rev.gordon on April 27, 2017
"they said thy were from the irs and i owed them sum of money and the were going to take me to court . asked for id number then the hung up."

CALLER ID: 312-270-8686

Submitted by j on April 27, 2017
"Called said they were calling from the IRS. Called back & told them they were nothing but lousy scammers. The IRS doesn't make phone calls."

CALLER ID: 312 2708675

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