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Have you received a call from 312? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 312

312 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Allen on March 22, 2017
"I have received several calls from 312-698-0226 and 315-282-9193"

Submitted by nbk on February 09, 2017
"got a single ring missed call from this amsterdam no. +31208070211"

CALLER ID: 31208070211

Submitted by Boo on January 31, 2017
"This was a computerized woman's vioce that pauses then says"Can you hear me now? I'm sorry I'm having trouble with my headset. Because of your past resort purchase, you quealify for a discount on your next resort purchase." I don't recall if I used the word"yes" or not but when I tried to tell her I've never been to a resort, I realized it was a scam & hung up. Now I hear they use your "yes" response to buy big ticket items."

Submitted by Silvester on January 30, 2017
"I've got the call from this number, i answer( didn't check number correct, because i work over the border) and someone ask me if got the owner of my company, i say yes than say tnx to me. That was all what we have speak. Call duration was 27sec."

CALLER ID: 31280577145

Submitted by Mary on January 04, 2017
"had several missed calls from 3123174549 but when I returned the calls the number is not a working a number"

Submitted by Elle on December 14, 2016
"Getting call during the night and no answer on the other end"

CALLER ID: 312-023-2050

Submitted by M.Rios on August 03, 2016
"Loan approval for 5000.00"


Submitted by Sara on July 29, 2016
"robo call from 312 offering loan"

CALLER ID: 312-971-1306

Submitted by Faye Parsons on July 29, 2016
"Final warning that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. Told me to call the office for more information."

CALLER ID: 312-586-4071

Submitted by margy on July 27, 2016
"This number called and didn't leave a message. These people are harassing me. I'm thinking of getting lawyer for all these unwanted calls. You can get 500$ to 1,500$ per call."

CALLER ID: 312)340-5582

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