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304-809-0353 / (304) 809-0353 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Cathy on April 14, 2014
"This person by the name of Carmen Jackson from Century Client Services keeps calling my parents house telling them that they are attached to a bad check that I wrote?? first of all I have no account with my parents and secondly I have no checking account have not for many years. Ms Jackson got upset when I exsplained that I checked out the name of the company online to see if they were reputable, NOT, I told her that I reported this call and would on several servers this number her name and the company. Needless to say she hung up, I called back several times and she finally told me she wouldn't talk to me anymore and that I will talk to her supervisor I thanked her and waited,to which I was connected to a Mr. Authur King, he asked my name I gave my first only said the last was irelevant at this point. I exsplained what I had to him as I had to Ms Jackson, to which he said that they would just get a warrent for my arrest, I asked for what? he didn't reply, how can he when he didn't know who I was exactly...I said i would call back with my attorney online and we would ask for copy of what I had written and to whom I had written it to. He said I should already know this?? how could I , I have never talked to these people before. I exsplained that I was reading other accounts of conversations with his company with other consumers and they are so much the same as what we were having, he didn't like that, I also told him that the case number given me was the same as was given several other people with complaints which I find quite funny as to how they can keep track of who did what. anyway someone needs to do something about this before I got off the phone again I got the threat of the warrant and to go to my local sheriff's office. Funny that they couldn't tell me who that was."

CALLER ID: 3048090353
CALLER COMPANY: Zenith Financial Group LLC

Submitted by BUD on April 03, 2014
"Hello my name is Bud; on last week 03-20-14 I had started getting these calls on number 304-809-0353 (this numb. is linked to a UPS Store 3276 Buford Drive, Ste. 104-178 in Buford, GA 30519) and I asked investigator Joanne James for Harris County Warrant Division which is the name she stated and since I didn't apply to her request, she called back threaten me, that a warranty will be issued if I did not pay $1,350.00. So, i told her I don't have it and so she came back and said the attorney's agree to settle for $950.00. So I then asked could you please send me the check I suppose to have written and the documents that I may have signed. And she sent me a typed letter from which a 9th grader could have typed. I have had Mark Cohen for Fortbend Warranty Division called at 281-341-8685 that the judge is about to activate a warrant for my arrest if i don't comply with these people. I told Mark Joanne called and said it was for Harris County and you are saying it is for Fortbend, which one is it. And of course he gave me this you going to jail threat conversation and hung up the phone. I have spoken w/Arthur King 202-524-8834 very, very, very rude man; pretty much all of them all. Then today, Investigator Jennifer Thomas called very polite lady at first and said that she has taken over for Joanne James and that I need to pay this money ASAP. I gave her my attorney information and she got very ugly with me, and then hung up the phone. Call back stated that she don't need to speak w/my attorney, I'm the one that wrote the check, so I said can you provide that to me and her response was: I will get that once everything is paid out in full. I told her I wasn't going to do so, until I see something in black and white with my original signatures..then she went off OMG! Then this loud ruthless man called: Talked to my receptionist very rude, that they will be coming to arrest me if she dont put me on the phone...I told him to provide me documents and he said as soon as I pay the loan off and at that time I will get the forms and if I don't comply with the $1,400.00 they will send me to jail on a $4,000 bond and perhaps prison time and then he hold up. And his number is: 312-492-4259. I too contacted BBB, Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Protection. As I was talking to Consumer Protection she was reading me off posting from Zenith Financial Group LLC and Century Claims Services in retrospect to the same complaints we are/have made. She had me to fill out a complaint form."


Submitted by jana on March 17, 2014
"lady call on 03-17-2014 with treaths for arrest on felony for payday loan! To turn myself to the police department......"

Submitted by Mary Beth Smith on February 04, 2014
"Received threatening email about a closed acconut and she was an investigator and I needed to return the call in 24 hours"

CALLER ID: 3048090353

Submitted by Connie Clark on February 04, 2014
"Told me that ther was a problem with my bank and that I shoul return there call within 24hrs. or they would send someone to my house. I am 80yrs old and do not need this stress. I had filed bankrupcy a few years ago and it was discharged."

Submitted by Judy on January 15, 2014
"Called and said a check was sent back and threatened to tell the county prosecutor . None of it true tbey need to be stopped!!!!! Please!!!"

CALLER ID: 394-809-0353
CALLER COMPANY: Unknown but ext. 124

Submitted by TS on November 01, 2013
"The first call was about 8 weeks ago and these people had my bank account and SS# but the email and address were wrong. They keep telling me I took out a payday loan in 2010 (and I did not) from Jemison, AL and I don't even live there. They gave my info to an employee at work the first call, and they call again 2 weeks ago harassing my mother, (not even knowing she was my mother) and called again today. They give their "company name" and state its being recorded but 3 different people have called and they all have the wrong information and I find it funny that they don't have it documented in their computer that the information is wrong. I have filed reports with the police department where I live and sent this to the FBI."

CALLER ID: 304-809-0353
CALLER COMPANY: Zeneith Financial

Submitted by Not a sucker Joe on September 24, 2013
"Same as everyone else, got a call from Mediator Black or Brian Black. Said he was from Zenith Financial Group representing and that I owed $1200 which was collection fees that was because I didn't pay the application fee of $200 for a loan I never took out. Well so they say. The time frames as to when they say I applied changes depending on who calls me. I keep saying "send me documentation" and they say it was all electronic and I'm like "so send me the electronic information because if this is legit you'll have dates, accounts, etc.." and they go they don't have to do that and I'm like "fine lets go to court and I'll ask the judge for discovery" - I've said this time and time again - just angry phone calls over and over.
Sign - Not a sucker Joe!"

CALLER ID: 304.809.0353
CALLER COMPANY: Zenith Financial Group

Submitted by Steph O. on September 10, 2013
"Mediator Black called threatening me with two felony convictions on my work phone."

CALLER ID: 304-809-0353

Submitted by Anne on August 05, 2013
"Identified himself as "Mediator Black". Threatening phone calls - first one I told him not to call me at work. He immediately called back 4 additional times. I kept hanging up on him. I told him I was going to call the police. I got the phone number from 69."

CALLER ID: 304-809-0353

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