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Have you received a call from 253-753-9121? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (253) 753-9121

253-753-9121 / (253) 753-9121 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by DC on January 25, 2014
"Clearly phishing. They are clueless and clumsy. I reported them to Chase since they were supposedly calling from there. Chase had no record of anyone calling, but They could do nothing."


Submitted by Cor on October 01, 2013
"I escaped from a scamming organisation, claiming to be "Credit Card Services" who called me several times with the nice promise to lower my credit card APR if I could just confirm that I was the account holder and which card to start lowering first, because they claim to work for several banks. I just needed to give them the last 12 digits of my credit card number. They claimed that they already had the full number, but were required to verify the card number. Yeah, right. Luckily I did stick to my principle that I will only give my card number if I call a person or organisation that I know. If I am being called out of the blue, why would I give my credit card number? During the conversation, more and more cracks appeared in their ploy and in their good manners, I felt seriously pressured and already hung up on them, only to be called back immediately but then I calmly stuck to my principle: I do not give my number when I am being called. They tried a couple more times but finally they hung up on me. The numbers they used to call me are: 410-672-7961 and 253-753-9121. Even though I could not detect an accent, I have the suspicion that "Scott" and his supervisor "Robin" were not present in the USA and if they were, then they were hiding behind a badly overloaded VoIP telephone connection, breaking up all the time. Be aware and warned for this scam"

CALLER ID: 410-672-7961
CALLER COMPANY: Credit Card Services

Submitted by david on August 06, 2013
"Extremely poor transmission phone call. You can bearly understand the indie person verifing your card info.
They propose to lower credit card rates, but after rambling on and putting you on hold, you end up speaking with a supervisor who says a fee is going to appear on your statement, but "not to see it as a burden" as I would be getting a reduction in my interest rate.
The last step was he was going to bring on reps from my credit card(s) to verify I was intersted; to which I declined and hung up. He called back saying it's a done deal all I need is to bring the bank reps on and I replied, if its a done deal why do we need to continue talking? It's not a done deal until the reps get on the line. You are wanting to charge a fee to lower my interest rate.....and I'm declining. I shouldnt have to pay anyone and the Sup ended up hanging up on me.
Supervisor Number was 458/201-0321"


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