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Have you received a call from 253-246-8514? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (253) 246-8514

253-246-8514 / (253) 246-8514 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by James Lindsay on June 05, 2012
"Calls every day at least 3 to 4 time a day

Please stop them!!!!"

CALLER ID: 253-246-8514

Submitted by mtlassen1992 on June 05, 2012
"Got 7 calls today from this ***** king number while I was at work. Two were only minutes apart. This ***** e is getting ***** king old. This is MY cell phone that I pay for, just like everyone else. I cant do anything about it I guess, so the next ***** king Mormon or Jehovah Nitwit that knocks on my door is getting his azz kicked!"

Submitted by Jules on June 05, 2012
"All of a sudden getting hammered by this #. Other comments say it's a security co., oddly enough I just reported a home invasion/auto theft. I wonder if they get their info from insurance claims/police reports. No one else mentions filing any reports."

Submitted by brenda on June 05, 2012
"i am on the DNC list and still get calls from all kind of what is the DNC is about?never stop an annoying caller from my ####.."


Submitted by Glock on June 05, 2012
"recieved 6 calls in 6 hrs---from these idiots. Looks like some target practice in my future-----click click----POW!"

Submitted by Kelly on June 05, 2012
"I receive calls at least daily from the "USF" at the number shown above even though our phone is on the Do Not Call List. Don't know how to get them to stop calling without answering but won't give them the satisfaction."


Submitted by DM Watson on June 05, 2012
"On DNC list. Called 3 times in 3 hours & does not leave message. Unacceptable!!"

CALLER ID: 253.246.8514

Submitted by Bil on June 04, 2012
"Got lots of calls from this company. Shows up on the caller-id as USF. I answered by mistake and said hello, hello and was going to hang up but suddenly a guy was on the line and essentially said he was with a security company and they wanted to install a security system in my house for free to get started in the area. Of course the security company makes their money on the monthly fee, he didn't mention that. I told him to take my number off his calling list. I should have thought to tell him "Who would want a security company that breaks the 'Do not call list' law?" Like using the fox to guard the hen house."

CALLER COMPANY: Some security company?

Submitted by t on June 04, 2012
"Answered and the voice said it was Yoda!"

Submitted by Peter on June 04, 2012
"Stop calling me or at least leave a message."

CALLER ID: 253-246-8514

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