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Have you received a call from 240-345-4134? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (240) 345-4134

240-345-4134 / (240) 345-4134 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by L on September 05, 2014
"They have been Harrassing me all week even though I only answered the first call. Told them about the police knowing now & been quiet. What jerks ! I don't need this stress!!"

CALLER ID: 240 345-4134

Submitted by Doris Sykora on June 23, 2014
"I receieved a call saying I had signed up to for a contest. Then she started asking questions about me, relationship status. When I asked what that had to do with it she said it was necessary for the entry. Then she told me with the entry I would receive a list of things I could order, magazines, crafts etc. I told her I do not read magazines. She asked why and I said I was too busy and I did not need any more stuff in my house. She did close the call then."

CALLER COMPANY: sounded like JMS

Submitted by Denise on June 06, 2014
"Received call after trying to sign up for free items and going thru several screens...I won't do that again."

CALLER ID: 240 345 4134 - MD, USA

Submitted by SJB on March 19, 2014
"i started receiving scammer calls after i tried to sign up online for free stuff for women; that was an endless process of multiple choice survey; i believe this is the third # associated with that unwise choice; others identified as scammers: 612-844-0927; d other #"

CALLER ID: Phone #

Submitted by tired on February 28, 2014
"received call telling me loan was approved that I filled out on-line (I didn't) and to call private cell phone # to give them personal info. Do they think people are that stupid"

Submitted by Roger Dennen on February 07, 2014
"I got this call on my cell phone which I have signed up for the do not call list and I hate telemarketers.."

Submitted by Robin on January 27, 2014
"I did not answer the call as I did not recognize the number."

Submitted by MM on January 13, 2014
"Call comes from Maryland asking for my husband claiming he's eligible for $1 million cash drawing. We are on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. These are scammers. Please report!!"

CALLER ID: 2403454134

Submitted by Rhonnie on November 11, 2013
"Received a couple of calls to my husband's phone from this number. When we tried to call back, no phone at home or work would call it. It just disconnects."

Submitted by WEALTHEA on October 25, 2013
"Received call at 11:50 am. The only answer was like water dripping"

CALLER ID: 240-345-4134


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