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Have you received a call from 234567890? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 234567890

234567890 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Margaret on June 02, 2017
"in the past 3 days I've received 6-8 calls on my cell phone from
(2340 567-89. I answered the first 2 times and got no response. I stopped answereng and there was never a message from it. This is really agravating. Is there any way to stop it?"


Submitted by Mike on March 14, 2017
"So I answered the phone and I said get a real f--kin job then some foreign sounding woman asked for me by name and I said get a real f--kin job again and then she went off on me. Lol telling me to get a real f--kin job so anyway I told her what I thought and now I'm waiting for the next ***** to call."

Submitted by Guest User on March 14, 2017
"5 times in 20 minutes"

CALLER ID: 234567890

Submitted by bridget on March 14, 2017
"Yes i first recieved call from a frogein guy and he said he worked health department in washington so i asked him where he was located and why he was calling and he then asked me why i was asking all those personal questions um i have right to and second it seems funny i dont live in Washington and i then told him i was calling cops and my 2out 1 calls i got was from unknown number that came up as234567890 i called it back and its fake the two times they called both hung up something needs done"

CALLER ID: unknow 234567890

Submitted by Kathy on March 04, 2017
"This number keeps calling me..5 times in the past 20 minutes. Very odd!!!"

CALLER ID: 234567890

Submitted by Beth fabrizi on March 04, 2017
"Keep getting call from this number. Answered once and nothing happened."

CALLER ID: 234567890

Submitted by Lesley on March 03, 2017
"The number 234567890 keeps calling and hanging up. They have been calling for thr past 20 mins continuously."


Submitted by Annonymous on March 01, 2017
"I keep receiving calls from numbers I do know know that are all around the country. I am not sure what list I have gotten on but the latest one is the strangest as it was not a full number on the caller id and the location just says United States instead of a city like normal."

CALLER ID: +1(234)567-890

Submitted by AnnieM on August 16, 2016
"Got a call from this totally cannot-be-real-number, number. Machine picked up but they hung up so I don't know what this is about. Very odd."

CALLER ID: 234567890

Submitted by jc on May 31, 2016
"I was taking a nap when it rang and never heard it. Saw it on my missed call list"

CALLER ID: unknown

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