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234567890 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Guest User on October 20, 2014
"They have called me twice today first time they hung up when I answered and the second time I said hello and she said is this "stated my name" I stated yes and you hung up on me 10 minutes prior. And she hung up again."

CALLER ID: (234)567-890

Submitted by Rob P. on August 13, 2014
"Continuous calls showing on caller ID as "Unknown Name" & #234567890 with no spaces between numbers for area code etc... Usually no one answers, if he does, there is a man with a heavy Pakistani or Indian accent telling me that my computer has sent Microsoft an automated message from my computer and that he works for Microsoft & needs permission to access my account from where he is located in order to correct the problem. I asked a lot of questions and eventually he hung up. Within an hour he started calling again not remembering who he had already called apparently."

CALLER ID: Unknow Name

Submitted by Chary on February 12, 2014
"Keep getting calls from this number, when I answer nobody is there. When I call back no one answers"

Submitted by kathleen bailey on February 07, 2014
"just got the call with 234567890 number, lady said she was calling from windows and told me my computer was downloading hundreds of files that maybe harmful to my computer. I told her thank you for the info and goodbye. I clean out my computer everyday without fail so i know this is a scam"

CALLER ID: 234567890

Submitted by Greg davis on January 22, 2014
"They keep calling and don't leave a message. They don't leave the last digit on the caller I'd as well."

CALLER ID: 234567890

Submitted by Alexandra Tatiana Feodorovna on December 18, 2013
"I answered since I was tired of this number calling me. A gentleman with a very thick India accent told me that my computer is sending out a signal to Microsoft that was showing a really bad virus. I asked him which computer he was talking about. He asked me how many computers I had and I told him I had 4. He then proceeded to tell me that all of the computers were infected since they were on the same network. I asked him where he was located. He told me Microsoft. I asked again and this time asked him what state. He told me California, Then I asked him if he was from another country. He assured me he was calling from California. So, this time, my question to him was what city in California was he calling from. He asked me to repeat the question, and when I did he was no longer on the phone. Yes, this is a scam, yes they want to get into your computer, and please, please, do not fall for this scam!!"

CALLER ID: 234567890
CALLER COMPANY: none provided

Submitted by C Wuerth on November 27, 2013
"they repeatedly call and dont leave a message or if I do answer no one is there"

CALLER ID: 234567890

Submitted by Barbara Creech on November 19, 2013
"Reduce my verizon bill."

CALLER ID: 234567890
CALLER COMPANY: Unknown name

Submitted by Ha!!! on September 25, 2013
"I hear ya knocking but ya can't come in!
Come back tomorrow and I'll block ya again!"

CALLER ID: 23-456-7890

Submitted by Harassed on September 20, 2013
"234567890 called once 9/18/13, three times 9/19/13 and once tonight, 9/20/13. The caller ID changes, but it always starts with V09 followed by twelve integers. The last four have always been 0016.

A real phone number should have 10 digits if the area code is included. This number has only 9. I'm not sure my call block will work on a 9 digit number.

May God save those responsible to the sozo uttermost."

CALLER ID: V09202311000016

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