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Have you received a call from 208-389-8691? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (208) 389-8691

208-389-8691 / (208) 389-8691 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by George A on October 26, 2013
"Got call no answer I am on the do not call list."

CALLER ID: 208-389-8691

Submitted by Wally on October 17, 2013
"This is a group of devil worshiper who only want to steal your soul"

Submitted by Roger Wood on October 17, 2013
"Second time this number appeared on my message machine. They left no message! I'm currently on the no call list."

CALLER ID: Jeffrey Pinneo

Submitted by Sandra Evans on October 13, 2013
"phone call received from this new number; same message as all the others that this was my final opportunity to fix my credit card"

Submitted by Met on October 10, 2013
"I received a call yesterday stating it was the final notice to fix my credit card. When the VRU said to 1 to speak to a representative, I hung up and immediately checked this number on the internet. After seeing all the negative publicity, I blocked the call."

CALLER ID: 2083898691

Submitted by PD on October 04, 2013
"I have found the only sure fired way to stop any callers like this is buy a phone that has the ability to block phone numbers."

CALLER ID: 2083898691

Submitted by Lori on October 04, 2013
"Keeps calling and have not been able to speak with anyone to stop the calls"

CALLER ID: 208-389-8691

Submitted by Dorothy on October 04, 2013
"I have already requested for this entity to stop calling me. I am on the do not call list."

CALLER COMPANY: Pinneo Jeffrey

Submitted by Credit Cardless on October 03, 2013
"The call came in at 8:35am, but left no message. After reading the other comments about these scammers glad I didn't answer."


Submitted by Janice LoDico on October 03, 2013
"I answered this call after many times of them leaving messages. I wanted to tell them to take my number off their list since my number was on the DO NOT CALL list and the jerk told me to F off !"

CALLER ID: 208-389-8691

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