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202-738-1511 / (202) 738-1511 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Ebon'e on January 27, 2014
"I received the same call this is a scam . I just listened to what they had to say . It doesn't even make sense to put money on a green dot and then receive money back of a sum 7800.00 Come on now from the government too yeah right ."

CALLER ID: 202-738-1511

Submitted by jeremy on January 23, 2014
"got the same call and it is a scam. dont try to do this you will get riped off."

CALLER ID: no caller id

Submitted by Juanita on November 28, 2013
"I to receive a phone call from a number that was 120 2738 1511 . I first spoke with the lady by the name of Kim. she explain to me how my name was ed out of 1500 people for a government grant in the amount of $7800. I was told to first get a green dot money card for $150 followed by another green dot money card for $500 and the $500 was for me to pay taxes because I was getting a big lump sum and by law you have to pay taxes the last card I had to get was off $200 and that $200 for them to transfer the money to my card. I thought this was too good to be true I thought that this was a huge blessing to me and my life especially going through hardship. I also explains the People that I am a single mother this is my rent money and this is my last savings and I was also borrowing money from other people to help me out with this.. they were so short and so certain that I'll be receiving this money within the next 30 minutes on my card and I will be able to pay back everyone and have extra money left over and that I will be receiving the 7 $800 for the next 5 years the way to explain everything sounded so legit so I went ahead and did it not following my first mind I gave him a total of $850. after I gave them the last card number they rushed me off the phone so quickly claiming that the office was closing and for me to contact them in the morning if my money was on the car by 12 o'clock midnight total c midnight came 11 there was still no money on my card I began to contact in the very next morning baby get to play games not answer the phone switch me over to different people I contact the Green Dot trying to trace where the money went they told me that all the money was gone off of all the cards. 0 balance and that they cannot give me any refund so I made a police report when I made the police report the officers are no help at all they told me that I was just another victim of a scam that there was another they can do and my money was just lost and gone. I am a victim and work very very very hard for each pay me that iron not because of this, I will not be able to pay my rent it will be in danger of getting eviction am i someone I have a Christmas. if there's anyone out there that have advice or can help victims recover their money back please contact me ASAP god bless"

CALLER ID: 12027381511

Submitted by frances on November 14, 2013
"I recieved a call from these people saying i won money also. so glad i found out it was a scam thanks guys for the info."

CALLER ID: 12027381511
CALLER COMPANY: government grant money

Submitted by Arthur Dominguez on November 14, 2013
"I received the same call and had to do the exact same thing but I know it was a scam from the get go. I work for the government so how is he going tell me that I won something and we have no money to give away. Everyone beware"

CALLER ID: Blocked number

Submitted by David L Bell on November 05, 2013
"received a call saying they were from Washington Dc claiming we were randomly ed to receive a grant of $7,800.00 and asked me to go to Wallgreemns or Walmart and buy a greendot card and then gave me a supposed reference number. They also gave me the belowe call back number,2027381511. The woman that called said her name was Jennifer moore."

CALLER ID: Withheld

Submitted by Christine Scott on October 11, 2013
"I received a call, the gentlemen stated that I won a grant. He asked me to call his senior officer. He gave me an AC408 reference number. When I called (202) 738-1511, instead of the person saying hello, he said Bitch, I said, because he had an strong accent, what does that mean, he repeated, I was so dump founded, I asked him to repeat it again and said I'm not understanding, then he said ***** , then I said oh, that's what you were saying. I asked him if he knew Jesus and do he think Jesus would like him using such language and hung up. Why do people prey on the poor. I should have known this was too good to be true. I have been unemployed for so long, I thought my ship finally has come in. I only wish to pray for these poor souls and hope they will be put out of action by our Federal Government when they return back to work!"

CALLER ID: 1202738-1511


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