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Have you received a call from 202-697-7222? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 697-7222

202-697-7222 / (202) 697-7222 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by NM on July 15, 2014
"I was called and told I was to receive a grant. They gave me a number of agent calling me: 202-470-2658 and told me his name was Avalan (I think) Watson.

Told me located in Washington D.C. on Independent Ave. It was hard understanding him; but I ended up hanging up after he said he would need my bank account number."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by Kristie on July 14, 2014
"I keep getting calls from this number and others from the same person. The last time he called he got aggravated because I wouldn't let him talk and he kept calling me the Fing BH and that he would come to my house and kill me."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by Sharon Bowen on July 08, 2014
"I keep getting calls from them. With no one answering when I answer my phone at least ten calls a day i get from this number 202-697-7222 and 202-455-5555 so i found a app on google play called Mr number and its free it works it will stop them from calling in."

CALLER ID: CALLER ID: 2026972222

Submitted by Danielle on July 08, 2014
"I keep getting calls from them. With no one answering when I answer."

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Annyce on July 07, 2014
"I received a call on my cell from this number. No one was there when I answered. When I call the number back it say call refused."

CALLER ID: 202 697-7222

Submitted by Guest User on June 20, 2014
"they tell me I have money coming but what much info. will not give any"

CALLER ID: 13527293594

Submitted by RD on June 13, 2014
"On June 13, 2014 I received a phone call from a DC USA # 202-697-7222., on the line was a woman who may have been of Asian nationality, that was claiming that I was one of a few thousand people that was on a list to receive a USA government grant of $10,000, that I would NEVER have to pay back. She said to receive the money there was 3 ways I could get it, 1) a bank account, 2) on a major credit card, & she never got to 3. I asked, "you mean I have to give you my bank account or credit card #? She became very quite & then the line went dead!"

Submitted by Erika Bailey on June 06, 2014
"female caller with a broken accent. called and stated that I would be eligible for $10,000 grant if I provide my checking account or credit card number. stupidly enough I did but thank goodness it was only a NetSpend prepaid card with no funds on it. she was very convincing and new personal information about me. needless to say this was a scam and no funds were ever deposited"

CALLER ID: 12026977222

Submitted by hawk on May 28, 2014
"these ppl need to be stop asap they call day and night im am getting sick of it. how do you take some one down like this some one help please."

Submitted by R.W. Rivers on May 19, 2014
"unanswered 4:15Pm Monday May 19th 2014

Don't know anyone from District of Columbia"

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