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Have you received a call from 202-697-7222? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 697-7222

202-697-7222 / (202) 697-7222 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Sue on September 16, 2014
"I have received numerous calls from 2026977222, 3148190283 and 9194229876. I have not answered quite a few and finally did answer and it was a man with a foreign accent regarding a government loan. I said I wasn't interested and to stop calling and he hung up. But I am still receiving them and would like for it to stop!!!"

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Judy on September 16, 2014
"non stop calls and no answer on the other side"

CALLER ID: wireless calles

Submitted by Chiree Waddell on August 26, 2014
"Received a phone call that told me they were from the U.S. Government and proceeded to tell me that I won a grant from the U.S. Government that I wouldn't have to pay back. I told him our government doesn't give away money and he hung up on me."

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Lynn on August 13, 2014
"Received a call from 202-697-7222 the other day and never answered as I did not recognize the number. The number showed up again today, 9/13/14, on my cell so I answered. My area code is 413 in Massachusetts. A gentleman with a strong accent said I was chosen to receive a free grant of $10,200 and all I had to do was give him a checking account number, debit card number, etc. Told him if this was true then they can mail me a check. I would not give my account. The line went dead. Not sure how they got my number as I am on a Do Not Call List."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by TS on July 30, 2014
"This number had called my phone quite a few times and would not talk. However when the person on the other end finally spoke I was told I had received a grant for school feeling that it was not right I told them I was not interested. Later that day curiosity came over me so my daughter a PI looked up the number to find the supposed owner of the phone line to be a JON STEVENSON, the more she read the more that came out. The number called again I confronted them and the line became silent in attempt to call back to see if the line was a working number the message on the line stated "Call rejected". We have reported this number."

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by NM on July 15, 2014
"I was called and told I was to receive a grant. They gave me a number of agent calling me: 202-470-2658 and told me his name was Avalan (I think) Watson.

Told me located in Washington D.C. on Independent Ave. It was hard understanding him; but I ended up hanging up after he said he would need my bank account number."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by Kristie on July 14, 2014
"I keep getting calls from this number and others from the same person. The last time he called he got aggravated because I wouldn't let him talk and he kept calling me the Fing BH and that he would come to my house and kill me."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by Sharon Bowen on July 08, 2014
"I keep getting calls from them. With no one answering when I answer my phone at least ten calls a day i get from this number 202-697-7222 and 202-455-5555 so i found a app on google play called Mr number and its free it works it will stop them from calling in."

CALLER ID: CALLER ID: 2026972222

Submitted by Danielle on July 08, 2014
"I keep getting calls from them. With no one answering when I answer."

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Annyce on July 07, 2014
"I received a call on my cell from this number. No one was there when I answered. When I call the number back it say call refused."

CALLER ID: 202 697-7222

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