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Have you received a call from 202-697-7222? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 697-7222

202-697-7222 / (202) 697-7222 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Emily on November 26, 2014
"Foreign man, saying he was with the U.S. government and I was ed fora Grant of $10,000 and said he needed my bank account so I could recieve the funds. I told him I was not giving him my bank account with out an email on this, and. He HUNG UP! Tried to call back and. It said call rejected!!! Horrible , sad this happens, this is a SCAM, protect yourself!"

Submitted by Toni on November 25, 2014
"They have called me repeatedly today and when I googled this number I read all of the spam reports and complaints so I asked the caller DO NOT CALL ME and he kept saying f you over and over and they keep calling back , they will not stop calling this is absolute BS! 10 calls in a row because I refuse to answer."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by alkem gilbert on November 06, 2014
"they just called for info talking about a grant check or something"

CALLER ID: washington dc
CALLER COMPANY: federal reserve

Submitted by LachristiN Yarbro on November 01, 2014
"Received a phone call US Government"

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Chris on October 31, 2014
"He said he was from the Treasury Dept in Washington."

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Tina on October 30, 2014
"I got a call from this number like 7 times and I told him I said to remove my number from their list and he said no and started calling me honey and said he would call me back every ten minutes and I told him im not your damn honey and to stop callingme and he said no and then I hung up"

CALLER ID: 2026977222
CALLER COMPANY: government grants

Submitted by Amanda on October 27, 2014
"I just got a call from this number. He couldn't even speak proper English and got mad when I wouldn't give them my personal information. This is a scam offering $10,200 in federal grants."


Submitted by Kim on October 16, 2014
"I rc'd a call from this no. Saying that the govt. did a study in my area and found that there was an above avg. no. of unemployed people. They ed me to give a $10,000 grant to. Wanted to know what I would do with it? Said to help the economy in my area. Wanted the number to my bank acct. or a pre paid debit card. I asked them if it was a scam, he quickly hung up. Tried to call them back and the msg says" call rejected"."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by Magtime on October 09, 2014
"This number keeps calling me, when I answer they hang up. This happens every day, I'm so tired of this. I have blocked the number, but it still rings."

Submitted by Guest User on October 04, 2014
"The guy with a foreign accent told me he was with the federal government grant department. I asked him to take me off his list. He said no sir I cannot and hung up."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

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