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Have you received a call from 202-697-7222? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 697-7222

202-697-7222 / (202) 697-7222 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Nathan Rutledge on April 24, 2014
"I asked several times to be taken off the call list and they keep calling. Multiple times a day they keep calling."

Submitted by hippogriff51 on April 16, 2014
"I have received several calls from this number, but I was teaching and didn't answer. No message was left and when I tried to call back it was a "restricted" number. Have no idea what they want, but I do wish they'd leave me alone!"

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Vernear on April 08, 2014
"The caller asked my name and id herself as Valerie. The accent was so heavy she had to repeat herself several times. I asked how I was chosen for this governmental grant and she said the government had done a survey to find people who pay their taxes and bills on time and had not filed for bankruptcy. I asked why they (the government) had not sent me a letter instead of a phone call and she promptly hung up."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by LB on April 05, 2014
"So far there has been a dozen calls,they ask for Shannon each and every time.The numbers have been different in the caller ID.I have blocked all of them. I got irritated with four of the calls,and told then I have never been Shannon and to take my number from the list they have to quit calling."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by Richard on April 02, 2014
"I recently received a call from this number stating that I had been ed to receive a government grant. First problem was that the person spoke with a heavy Indian accent and there are not foreigners issuing government grants. Second this person also acquired my number illegally because I had my number changed so only those who I have given my number to should have it. Third I have not applied for any government grants. In addition this same individual scammed me last year for $1,000. The federal government needs to quickly locate and terminate this individuals operation."

CALLER ID: Washington DC

Submitted by camille on March 28, 2014
"this number is in cahose with this number 2028035785 it is a scam the first one yelling that bank fraud check frud if i dident get back to them i blocked the first number now going to block this one if you google the number you will see all fraud from frist"

CALLER ID: i got the number through star 69

Submitted by Dennis on March 19, 2014
"Asked me if I wanted to die... I think these kind of calls need to be stopped and criminal charges should be pressed."

CALLER ID: 202-697-7222

Submitted by jenn on March 14, 2014
"keeps calling about me being on a job website. job 360 and that they won't take me off their call list."

Submitted by gail on March 13, 2014
"when I received this call it said wireless calller and I thought it may have been a family member. they asked for me by name and when I asked who it was they hung up really fast. this person had a strong foreign accent ."

CALLER ID: 2026977222

Submitted by Chelsey on March 08, 2014

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