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Have you received a call from 202-210-0054? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 210-0054

202-210-0054 / (202) 210-0054 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by danlett on September 18, 2014
"Received a call from this number a few times before, decided to answer it today. Supposedly from the U.S. Grant Department, a division of the U.S. Treasury, giving me $9,000 for being a good citizen, having no criminal record, and paying my taxes. She was hard to understand; the line was staticy and English was not her first language. Obviously a scam! People must fall for this, but its hard to believe. I sometimes like to string them along, which was easy to do. I figure the longer I can keep them on the line, the more annoying I can be to them and as long as they are talking with me, I'm putting a very small dent in their profit margin. Kept her on hold for about 20 minutes while I got my account number...yeah right!I Disconnected the call after the 20 minute hold, and she called right back. She said she'd give me a grant confirmation # and then a phone number to call back to so that I could verify...but not until I shared my information with her, specifically, my account information. Wouldn't give me my name and kept asking me to spell it for her. Eventually she did give me the phone number to call back to; not the same number she called from, and got upset when I still wouldn't give her any information. I called the number, actually while still on the phone with her, and she hung up. Spoke with a male, he wouldn't give me his name, said he was the "Senior Account Manager". I continued to refuse to give any information, which angered him. I told him to remove my name from his list and do not call me again. He said "okay", if I do something for him, and asked me to "kiss" him and threatened me, saying either I give him my information or "kiss" him, or he would not remove me from the call list and would infact harrass me, calling every minute of every day. I hung on the line a bit longer, he became more and more ridiculous, and I tried to record him but was unsuccessful.

BTW: That working phone number "Mary" gave for the "Senior Account Manager" was 202-697-9658."

CALLER ID: 202-210-0054
CALLER COMPANY: US Grant Department

Submitted by Mimi on September 04, 2014
"Got a call from 202 210 0054.
Took this call but no answer on the other end.
Suspected right away that it was a fraud. I do not normally take calls from area codes where I do not know anyone. The activity has increased very much lately from various numbers.
Is there no way to stop this?"

Submitted by Ginny on August 26, 2014
"I received a call stating that I qualify for Federal Grant from the IRA. The telephone call was made to my cell on August 21, 10:07 AM."

Submitted by GUEST USER on July 11, 2014

Submitted by John on June 26, 2014
"Indian man claiming to be calling from DC saying $9000 federal grant was available for me. Very aggressive, called at least five times in one day."

CALLER ID: Washington, DC

Submitted by Susan on February 28, 2014
"I received the phone call about the Federal Grant. All I had to do was give out her my bank account information. I told her I would be reporting the call as fradulent."

Submitted by HP on February 24, 2014
"Two times. I told her, your number is blacklisted on the internet and she hang up. I hope she will not call again and again..."

CALLER ID: 202-210-0054

Submitted by randy on January 07, 2014
"2022100054, calls 4 times a day no matter what you say to them they still call. Need help."

CALLER ID: unknown

Submitted by D.Th on December 06, 2013
"I received the Call from a Michael from India Obviously I am going to See How Far they are willing to go with this BS Today I am giong to get one of those prepaid Cards and see If They Post The Money Stay tuned ."

CALLER ID: (202)210-0054

Submitted by Eli on November 26, 2013
"i got call today, same as everyone says above, that the Federal Government picked me for a $9,000 grant. he kept repeating himself that he was from the Federal Grants Department in Washington DC. I asked him for his employee ID # and he responded with 34679KV and his name was Vince Walter (or Walther) which is weird because he had a very thick indian accent, and I'm positive they don't use those names in India."

CALLER ID: 202-210-0054
CALLER COMPANY: Federal Grants Department from Washington DC

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