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Have you received a call from 201-457-5276? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (201) 457-5276

201-457-5276 / (201) 457-5276 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Joyce on January 03, 2014
"I have been receiving calls from this number for months. Have told them repeatedly to stop talking. Medical Compensation my butt. Leave me alone!"

CALLER ID: 2014575276

Submitted by Not Gloria, Olivia, or any other name they come up with on December 30, 2013
"These people have called me numerous times over the past week, twice within the past 2 hours. They always ask for a name that is not me and so initially I just told them it was the wrong number. I don't know if they don't understand or are avoiding the question when I ask who is calling or how they got my number. They have given me the same spiel about medical compensation type stuff. This time I told them I was recording, I don't think they understood. After he started going into the medical stuff I told them they are either a telemarketer or a scammer and I would be reporting them and that the better take me off the list."

CALLER ID: 201-457-5276

Submitted by Annoyed in CALI on December 30, 2013
"I have asked these phony people with heavy Indian Accents to remove my name from the list!!!
They ask me about all kinds of Wierd surgeries.....??
They state they are from the CA HEALTH Dept, this I know is not correct with a 201 NJ ??? Please!!!"

CALLER ID: 2014575276
CALLER COMPANY: Medical Compensation/ CA Health Dept

Submitted by Kesha Tincopa on December 23, 2013
"Asked very personal questions about surgery and female body parts. He had a very heavy accent so I could not understand him at first. He had to repeat several times before I understood and demanded for him to take my number off the calling list.

This is sexual harassment."

CALLER ID: (201) 457-5276 Hackensack, NJ

Submitted by Annonymous on December 11, 2013
"These people have called me multiple times and have been informed multiple times to take my number off of their list. They even called on Thanksgiving. This last time the guy tried to argue with me that they hadn't called and kept trying to speak over me. They have heavy east Indian accents and claim to be from a medical compensation company for taking birth control which I don't take."

CALLER ID: 201-457-5276


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