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17607058888 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Guest User on October 23, 2014
"call 10/23/2014 got call said he was my favorite grandson my grandson in collage said wait a minute he hung up scammmmmmmmmm"

Submitted by Anon on October 21, 2014
"Called and said vulgar things and i asked what kind of underwear i was wearing, i hung, have received this 2 tomes now"

CALLER ID: 760-705-8888

Submitted by Bill Arrants on October 15, 2014
"I just got a call from this number- from my favorite Grandson. He had been in an accident, the cab had drugs in the trunk, he was arrested but has agreed to testify agains the driver but he needs some bail money-Total scam. He is in school and several people have received this same call that knows him."

CALLER ID: Google man

Submitted by Jay on August 16, 2014
"This a persistent and annoying caller. I do not take the phone as soon as I see the number. How can we stop such scammers."

Submitted by gurinder on August 05, 2014
"a computer operated voice comes from this phone and give me verification code and hung up. i think they activated something on my phone."

CALLER ID: 17607058888

Submitted by Guest User on July 17, 2014
"This is fraud. They are posing as a bill payment company. Their company buys gift cards that will expire. They use them to "pay" you ulility bill then you send them 1/2 and your bill is paid. They said you can save $ on your utility bills.
Saad is the name and feranza,muntag,doris myryam, and Ali are the names of these people"

CALLER ID: Saad is the name,feranza,muntag,doris myryam, and Ali are the names of these people
CALLER COMPANY: Bill payment company

Submitted by Tembo on June 19, 2014
"I just received a call and there was no one at the other end of the line"

CALLER ID: 17607058888
CALLER COMPANY: long distance

Submitted by Linda on May 15, 2014
"I received a called saying he was my nephew's son (had strong voice like him and was speaking like a person very much in distress) explaining me he was in California for 2 days and was riding w/ some friends in a cab when the driver had an accident, when the police arrived they found some illegal drugs and the cab driver blamed on them because it was in the back seat so he got arrested and he used his one call to call me instead of his father because he didn't want to upset him, that the police believe that he was innocent but still he had to place bail so he needed $5,000, that he was going to put the arresting officer on the phone to speak to me, the guy ask few questions and he said to speed up the trail he had to post bail of $2,500 I told him my husband wasn't home and I need his phone number he said it will be better if he call me because was a long distance call, still he gave a phone number. I called his father right away and he told me his son was here not in California and that was an scam, when I called the number they gave me was a completely different number and the man was very upset, later they called me back and told them to go and call someone else because I know they were crooks."

CALLER ID: 17607058888
CALLER COMPANY: out of area

Submitted by Nancy on February 20, 2014
"5 times calling, i told her to dont call again and she call back just to provoqued me"

CALLER ID: unknown

Submitted by Susie on February 11, 2014
"Received a call from this number multiple times and the first time, I did not understand a word that he said. The next time, my husband answered the phone and the prank was on them...hahaha. IDIOTS is all I can say!"

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