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Have you received a call from 000-000-0000? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (000) 000-0000

000-000-0000 / (000) 000-0000 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by lisa a. on January 09, 2015
"0000000000 called said they where calling on behalf of our local hospitals billing dept and needed more info regarding my health insuruance. Interesting fact is there system was recently hacked and 100's of patient files were stolen."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by JJ on December 24, 2014
"Recorded voice wanting me to enter my 16 digit credit card number because my card has been deactivated. Knew they were "fishing" and probably trying to get valid cc numbers. It automatically disconnected me as I kept typing in "0"."

CALLER ID: 000-000-000

Submitted by Rita on December 22, 2014
"December 22, 2014
4:46 p.m.
Call from 000-000-0000
Did not answer, and the caller left no message."


Submitted by beiberhole69 on December 15, 2014
"this indian piece of ***** called me and offered me a 9 million dollar grant from the US Government. like really??? the US Government is going to give me 9 million dollars when we are 18 trillion dollars in debt."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by Annoyed on December 15, 2014
"There was nothing on the id and did not leave a message. It has been quite awhile since the number has come up with all zeros."

Submitted by Bobbie on December 04, 2014
"call came thru cell picked call up on response.... hung up."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by Ann on November 27, 2014
"I saw the number and did not pick it up. No message left"

CALLER ID: 000-000-0000
CALLER COMPANY: No information

Submitted by Gwendolyn A;APetty on November 26, 2014
"A young man with a thick accent called and said, "Hello, my name is Patrick and I'm calling on behalf of the United States Government." I knew he was lying and imnmediately hung up the phone. Just last week another person, a female had made the same claim; telling me that I was to receive a $9,000.00 grant that I never even applied for. When I kept asking her questions rapidly, she became angry and told me that I was not allowing her to explain. She subsequently hung up on me. Incidentally, the number that she called me from only had EIGHT digits/numbers. It's nothing but a scam - BOTH OF THEM!"

CALLER ID: 0000000000
CALLER COMPANY: They said U.S. Government

Submitted by rick on November 13, 2014
"obscene caLL FROM 661--748-0240 LEFT NAME AND PHONE UMBER GEORGE WATSON 804-564-2446"

CALLER ID: 661-748-0240

Submitted by Leslie on November 07, 2014
"I received a call at 1:40 pm from 0000000000 from a man with an Indian accent who asked me if I had diabetes. I didn't catch the name of the company. I said "No, I don't" and he hung up."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

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