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Have you received a call from 000-000-0000? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (000) 000-0000

000-000-0000 / (000) 000-0000 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Helene Costello on September 26, 2014
"received 2 calls: number all zeroes."

Submitted by D on September 16, 2014
"These pieces of ***** keep calling me and saying I have diabetes. They are from some Indian call center and are a scam. I told them off and that they should burn in hell. I am from India and ashamed to be associated with people like this."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by Julie on September 15, 2014
"Me too - have been receiving calls from this number where the caller states that I have diabetes... I basically hang up each time.

Next time I'm gonna play sling & see how much identifying information I can get."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by Harriet on August 23, 2014
"I have been receiving at least 3 calls a day from this number. Just got one at 11:00 am today, Saturday and they call as late as 8:45 pm central time. I am on the do not call list ."

Submitted by Joe on August 04, 2014
"Phone rang caller ID showed 000-000-0000 above that where the name would be is "V80414251000017" Knew my first name and said we have on the list as having diabetes, which I do not, I said no I don't and instantly hung up. Never seen anything like it before all zero's."

CALLER ID: 000-000-0000

Submitted by fred on July 24, 2014
"got 2 calls 1st one i answered no one on the line. 2nd call i did not answer"

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by Marilyn on July 05, 2014
"Received a call from this number with a + in front of it. Did not answer,,,,,very strange. I am on the do not call list yet these companies are never fined."

CALLER ID: unknown

Submitted by tami brzenk on June 23, 2014
"call from 0000000000 automated message stated that my credit card had been locked please press 1 to speak to a security representative. I hung up."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by Debbie on June 02, 2014
"I have been getting calls from this number constantly (7 times just today!) I never answered. I just read some of the posts below and am glad I did -- I never thought to block this #. # blocked now hopefully that will piss the scammers off. Also, I will warn people I also have been getting calls from strange numbers such as 260-1 Does anyone know what that could be?"

Submitted by cherish richards on May 21, 2014
"i recieved a call from 0000000000

it said my account had been closed and i needed to enter my 16 digit acct #
I hung up"

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