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000-000-0000 / (000) 000-0000 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Fed Up on February 02, 2016
"Got the call yesterday and have gotten some previous to then. Decided to start either using the boat horn I've blasted them with before or answer in my best asian accent "I solely, I no have trouble with windows, I creaaned them with windex and they velly clear now.""

CALLER ID: 000-000-0000 Unknown

Submitted by linda morlang on January 19, 2016
"getting a lot of calls from 000-000-0000. finally decided to answer. Asian guy said he was from some gov company and knew my name. asked questions like something to do with my phone number and they were giving so many people in the us 9,000.00 for having good credit. I said what really...he said what...I said to him this is a scam isn't it? he hung up...hopefully he won't call anymore"

CALLER ID: 000-000-0000
CALLER COMPANY: goverment of some sort

Submitted by Wilmington DE on January 12, 2016
"Received call at 4:24 pm EST on Verizon wireless mobile. # was 000-000-0000. I did not answer."

CALLER ID: 000-000-0000

Submitted by Anonymous on January 08, 2016
"I have Verizon and have been receiving multiple calls per week from this number for months. I never answer. Verizon offers to change my number and I told them that they should prevent the calls. They say they cannot prevent the calls. We need legislation to impose harsh penalties on telecoms that fail to prevent these offensive outlaw callers. Then, we would see whether telecom speak with forked tongue. By allowing these calls to continue, the mobile providers are effectively operating a public nuisance. I am sure the technology is already available (thanks to our insane over involvement in the middle east). The perpetrators should also be targeted by the agencies and incarcerated alongside violent felons (at least some of those callers I read about here). I am getting bogus calls that look like they are from legitimate numbers too. Thus needs to be fixed."

Submitted by Jane on December 29, 2015
"The first call came through as a normal 10 digit phone number, an Indian guy telling me he was from MS IT and my computer had a virus. Know this scam well and told him so and hung up. He called right back after spoofing his number to show up as 000-000-0000 to late since I already had his number (not to bright these guys) and started cussing at me and threatening me, I started laughing and hung up. Must have mad him made because then he must have been auto dialing me since the calls were coming in every minute or so for hours. I got the original number blocked and that blocked the 000 calls as well."


Submitted by test on December 24, 2015

CALLER ID: #000 000 0000
CALLER COMPANY: #000000000

Submitted by boo on December 21, 2015
"received several calls from this number. Claim to be from a Grayson County claims dept. Ask all kinds of questions Told if call again filing a complaint against them"

Submitted by Guest User on December 15, 2015
"Keep getting calls from this number today. Once I pressed answer and some woman kept saying hello, hello as I wouldn't say anything. There was lots of noise in the background so I figured it was a telemarketer."

CALLER ID: 0000000000

Submitted by Yam on December 11, 2015
"For the anonymous person that posted on November 17, I too have Verizon and been getting calls from 0000000. I answered the first time and they also knew my name and claimed to be from a US government department (can't remember which one). I started asking him questions (he also sounded Asian) he got mad and said "fk you" before hanging up. A couple of weeks ago I got another call from this number but I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. Well today, I got the call again but this time my husband was with me, he answered having known about the previous encounter, and asked them why they were calling. This time a woman (also sounded Asian) became irate and started telling us she was going to kill us and that she will "fk him up." My husband responded in the same aggressive manner due to the threats, this went on for about 40 secs when I decided to hung up the phone because it was causing me anxiety. I have blocked the number on my iPhone and hopefully I won't be getting these call again. Its scary they know our names!!"

CALLER ID: 00000000

Submitted by Hana McCoy on December 07, 2015
"Hello, I am getting call many times a day from 0000000000's"


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