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Have you received a call from 888-376-4805? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (888) 376-4805

888-376-4805 / (888) 376-4805 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by ST on August 17, 2018
"Company was forced to close. I am due a refund. Please call 888-346-4805. SCAM!!!"

CALLER ID: 888-379-4805

Submitted by jan s. on August 13, 2018
"You recently purchased computer security and the company has been ordered to close. You are due a refund."

Submitted by Marie on August 11, 2018
"Kathy Jackson want to give me a refund because the Microsoft company was forced to close and I'm due a refund! That will be the day!"

CALLER ID: 888-376-4805
CALLER COMPANY: not listed

Submitted by GL on August 10, 2018
"Not the first time to receive this call and knew immediately it was a scan."

Submitted by OutdoorCook on August 10, 2018
"Same computer generated message left on my machine as others about a refund from Microsoft. Great they name computers now: Cathy Johnson!
Another scam."

Submitted by Many on August 10, 2018
"Call received from Kathy Jackson on behalf
of Microsoft about a refund. This same
people used to call a long time ago.
I hang up the phone."

CALLER ID: Toll free numberGFQR

Submitted by Jay R on August 10, 2018
"Said the company was forced to close and I should call to get a refund. Of course I d it."

Submitted by Anna Mondecar on August 10, 2018
"A phone message received saying they are closing, I am due a refund. This phone number was left. 888-376-4805. Mo company name given"

CALLER ID: 888-376-4805

Submitted by Nana Banana on August 09, 2018
"Another stupid recording about a repair service that I paid to work on my computer, but they are shutting down and must give me a refund. That will be the day."

CALLER ID: 8883764805
CALLER COMPANY: computer repair

Submitted by Carl on August 09, 2018
"Have seen it before. Just another scam!"

CALLER ID: (888) 376-4805

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