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Have you received a call from 876-487-4612? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (876) 487-4612

876-487-4612 / (876) 487-4612 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by louise Holliday on August 23, 2014
"Got a call from this number and the ID said Jamaica. I didn't answer the phone because I don't know anyone that lives there."

CALLER ID: Jamaica

Submitted by Mark on August 11, 2014
"This number came up on as "jamaica" on my phone. Didn't answer. Since I don't know anyone who's in Jamaica I searched the number."

CALLER ID: Jamaica

Submitted by Amy on August 09, 2014
"Claimed to be Dave slayer from PCH and want me to pay for my prize delivery."

CALLER ID: 876-487-4612

Submitted by Georgia on March 11, 2014
"Caller claimed to be Dave Sayer with Publisher's Clearing House but had a foreign accent and wanted me to go get a Green Dot Money Card and then call him back when I had it so that I could then receive my prize ($950,000 and a new Mercedes). I asked him what address he was going to be showing up to to find me, he could not answer but claimed they would track the GPS on my cell phone. Have turned off the GPS tracking for a while on my cell phone. He also claimed that the $299 was for a 1 registration fee for listing the prize with the state and Federal government. When I mentioned that $299 did not seem to be close to 1 of $950,000 and a new Mercedes he got a little aggravated. Got home looked this up and see that it is a scam. I guess I am not as lucky as he claims I am, But I am also not as dumb as he thinks I am either."

CALLER ID: 8764874612
CALLER COMPANY: Claimed to be Publisher's Clearing House, but it was not.

Submitted by Crop Doctor on February 11, 2014
"Just got a call from this number. Claimed he was John Anderson from Publishers Clearing house and that I had won a Mercedes Benz and cash. Sounded like a computer generated voice. Asked if I could handle a 1shipping and handling fee. A true scam."

CALLER ID: 876-487-4612
CALLER COMPANY: Publishers Clearing House

Submitted by april on January 31, 2014
"Same here as the stories above.."

Submitted by victoria on October 31, 2013
"i got the ups story too.what a looser."

CALLER ID: 8764874612

Submitted by Rosie on July 17, 2013
"Someone called me using this number claiming to be John Anderson and that I had package that arrived and I needed to call him back. This message came in on my work phone, a place where I would never get a personal package. SCAM - do not call this number back!"

CALLER ID: 876-487-4612

Submitted by billy bob on July 05, 2013
"i show did get a call from if eiget and iam tired of it cuz"

Submitted by Christy on June 12, 2013
"I had a call from this number, saying he was with the USPS, and I had a package to be delivers. It was a car and a check. I told him NO, and he tried to convince me that it was for real. I told him he had the wrong person, and I hung up the phone."

CALLER ID: 876-427-4612

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