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Have you received a call from 866-948-0585? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (866) 948-0585

866-948-0585 / (866) 948-0585 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by R. Djurich on November 03, 2014
"this number along with a private number calls constantly. I have asked them to quit calling but that made it worse. They keep asking about a medical condition about bladder surgery to sue the company"

CALLER ID: 866-948-0585

Submitted by gr on September 08, 2014
"when I answer there is no one there. When I call that number back it states that the number is no longer in service."

Submitted by annoyed on June 14, 2014
"Just blocked them from calling again"

Submitted by LR on June 03, 2014
"Received a call from this # and on my vm is an idiot saying answering Mach test 1, answering machine test 2, etc."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by john on September 18, 2013
"stop calling me!!!"

Submitted by Richard on May 31, 2013
"phone rings I pick up and nobody answers, phone ID says unavailable, I call the number back and I get a recording saying this number is no longer in service."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by behzad on January 30, 2013
"called my home phone at 1am Iam too angry about that please stop call me"

Submitted by Angel Annie on October 30, 2012
"I keep getting phone calls from this number & when I do answer, they say nothing and hang up"

Submitted by Joyce Zagumny on October 19, 2012
"They keep calling repeatedly!!And hanging up"

CALLER ID: 8669480585

Submitted by Al on October 18, 2012
"I keep getting calls from this number & they don't talk.I called the number 7 it's just music.I 've just gotten 7 calls in 15 minutes.I want them to stop or at least say something."

CALLER ID: 866-948-0585

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