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Have you received a call from 862-354-8459? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (862) 354-8459

862-354-8459 / (862) 354-8459 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kent on September 20, 2017
"Message starts with "cops" and says there are four outstanding charges against me. They want me to call and discuss it before the proceed with legal action. Glad I checked this website. Will block number."

Submitted by Didi on September 14, 2017
"Someone is in custody and there are 4 outstanding charges against me. lmao. And it a digital recorded message as well."

CALLER ID: 862-354-8450 Newton NJ

Submitted by SoCal on September 14, 2017
"Called them back and played mind games on them. They said with a small payment of 150 they could clear the charges, but I needed to first give them my mailing address and SSN, etc to verify that I am who they think I am. I gave them some made up name and then told them they are going to HELL for what they are doing to innocent people. I might have used some other threats and bad words because they hung up on me, more than once. smh"

Submitted by Doug Austin on September 14, 2017
"Same message as reported from others"

CALLER ID: 862-354-8459

Submitted by mikie on September 14, 2017
"Same phone number 862-354-8459 said they were sending the "local cops" to arrest me. I blocked the number""

CALLER ID: 8623548459

Submitted by Phil on September 14, 2017
"Threatening call that I will be taken within 24 hrs if no response. 4 alligations, supposedly."


Submitted by tom_ on September 14, 2017
"Same as the posts from others. I recommend capital punishment for these scumbags. A couple executions would have a salutary effect on other hackers, identity thieves and sundry scammers."

CALLER ID: 862-354-8459

Submitted by SAN ANTONIO RESIDENT on September 14, 2017
"A recorded electronic female voice. Second call, I blocked the first one, this one I will also block.
recording is the same as all the other have 24 hours to return call, or else... etc"

CALLER ID: 862-354-8459

Submitted by greg on September 14, 2017
"told me I owed back taxes and have criminal charges pending against me and I had to call within 24 hours to get it straightened out."

CALLER ID: 862-354-8459

Submitted by Mike on September 13, 2017
"Same phone number 862-354-8459 said they were sending the "local cops" to arrest me. I blocked the number"

CALLER ID: 862-354-8459

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