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Have you received a call from 859-592-3202? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (859) 592-3202

859-592-3202 / (859) 592-3202 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by MARIE HILL on November 20, 2014
"called and would not say anything"


Submitted by J. DAvis on November 18, 2014
"Do not call me again! When I answered there was nothing and voice mail was nothing either."


Submitted by Pat Luft on September 22, 2014
"no one there"

Submitted by PMH on September 04, 2014
"Called and left blank VM on my cell. I have limited number of min. Don't appreciate the call."

CALLER ID: 859-592-3202

Submitted by ro on June 16, 2014
"left a VM but was just blank"

CALLER ID: 859-592-3202

Submitted by warren on June 09, 2014
"did not know who this was from rejected call they left a voice message of one long buzz"

Submitted by Dee on May 29, 2014
"This caller does not leave a message, hangs up. Tried calling back with no response just a lot of noise."

CALLER ID: 859-592-3202

Submitted by Robin on January 27, 2014
"I just ignored the phone call. I did not recognize the number."

Submitted by mary ellison on December 13, 2013
"they called said i was being put in a drawling for a million $s and a brand new mustang now all i had to do is pay $3.89 a week for 6 magazines a month to be entered and they where sending me a free huge gift basket also they ended up taking out $40.00 for the 1st month said its going to be that amount for 1st 30 months and the next 30 months are free then i told them no not to take that $40 out they said we done did i said no because my husband got mad and it was suspose to be $3 and something a week they told me they wouldnt take they money out that it was just in pending i said ok thats then it went out of my account and they want answer the phone and talk to me thye hang it up on me"

CALLER ID: 8595923202

Submitted by mary ellison on December 09, 2013
"i recieved a call while shopping in walmart from 8595923202 on dec.2 at 1:57 2013 saying i was put in the drawling for one million dollars and a brand new mustang and that if i signed up with there magazine of payment for $3 a week for 6 different ones i would get a great big free gift basket in 3 days from them, well thought that wasnt bad then they poped a suprised and took right at $40 out of my bank account and when i called back just within minutes they said oh whats the problem i said my husbands really pissed about it so we need to cancle it and she said ok its cancled the money wont come out. here it is on the 9th it has came out they still didnt put the money back in nothings came in the mail the wont answer the phone and talk to me the answer it and hang it right up so i dont know its some scam but i didnt cancle my bank card"

CALLER ID: 8595923202

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