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Have you received a call from 859-592-3202? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (859) 592-3202

859-592-3202 / (859) 592-3202 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by 859-592-3202 on September 06, 2016
"called me twice but the voicemail sounds like cracking noise or like someone is on there but doesnt talk."

CALLER ID: 859-592-3202
CALLER COMPANY: 859-592-3202

Submitted by Guest User on August 30, 2016
"tagged onto some other site---hard to understand her."

Submitted by Marsha on July 12, 2016
"I just got a call from them. They said they were from and they got my my name, phone number, and address when I registered online for their website which supposily offers stuff at lower prices. Then they wanted to know if I had MasterCard, Visa, etc. Then ,they actually hung up. I called back immediately and the same female said, "hi Marsha" and then I asked who they were again. I hung up after less than a minute, waited a bit and called them back again, this time I got a guy and I asked him why they were calling me, he said I was entered in a drawing to win stuff and or money.He said he was new at this but gave the same info the girl did. I told him that before I answered the phone, my security that I had downloaded on my cell phone said that the number was a scam number but I answered it just to see who it was. Then I asked "so, what did you all plan to do with my information on myself?" And he said "Nothing really, just to verify information and enter you in s drawing." Oh, yeah, when I called back the first time and got the same female who called me in the first place, as I was asking questions, she was trying to get off the phone by saying, "thanks for calling back and have a nice day." Oh,I kept asking questions and she kept repeating herself like a broken record."


Submitted by Cassie on April 12, 2016
"Calls repeatedly and I am on the do not call list."

Submitted by Jean on April 05, 2016
"Calls received with no one answering, crackling noise in background. Calls are frequent and repetitive and are a nuisance"

CALLER ID: 859-592-3202

Submitted by Theresa Ann on March 01, 2016
"Calls from this number every 20 mins. today 3/1 and yesterday 2/29.. I put it on 'ignore' on my cell fone but calls still get through."

Submitted by sarah kimmel on February 16, 2016
"he calls and hangs up calls 3-5xs a day. im also on the do not call list."

CALLER ID: 859-592-3202

Submitted by margo on January 26, 2016
"Has called a few times. I don't pick up any call from a number I don't recognize, but will investigate it just incase it's someone I know who changed their number. Simply block them by adding them to your "reject" list."

CALLER ID: 8595923202

Submitted by Janet Piatkowski on January 04, 2016
"Calling my phone constantly- will not leave a message- when I call back the woman answers and refuses to tell me why she is calling unless I give her my name and info. These calls are harassing and nasty in nature. I want my name removed and any info they have acquired to be destroyed. Quite creepy"

CALLER ID: 859-592-3202

Submitted by Jessie on November 16, 2015
"This number is annoying!"

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