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Have you received a call from 855-666-1991? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (855) 666-1991

855-666-1991 / (855) 666-1991 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Tom on April 22, 2018
"Got a call from a guy calling himself Alex Gibson with Indian accent, ID MST2492 from Easytech, saying that someone from my household had paid $300 to have my computers updated anytime Microsoft releases a new update. He need me to get to my computer so he can connect to it. I asked if he could update 4 computers. He said yes. I asked if he could update Apple computers as well. He said yes. I asked if he could update my Windows 98 computer, he said no problems. I said I had a DOS 3.1 computer and would like to install Windows on it. He didn't seem to know DOS but then he said no. It was fun."


Submitted by Elizabeth on April 15, 2018
"Caller said my computer was hacked. I was on the phone for 2 hours"

Submitted by Yipper on April 13, 2018
"I just received a call, finally leaving a message to call the number shown above. They have been calling everyday for a week and finally left a message.

Thanks for the heads up..."

CALLER ID: Private Number

Submitted by sharon hitch ***** on March 30, 2018
"got scammed they appear to be Microsoft techs and are very persuasive con artists will not stop calling me will not use my computers. am getting my phone number changed. cancelled all credit cards. they call themselves EASY TECHWARE a contracted company for microsoft"

Submitted by DD on March 26, 2018
"WOW, They Andrew had My computer locked and took over before I knew what happened! Dumbass me!!!"

Submitted by Anonymous on March 16, 2018
"Every previous comment is what I saw and had happen. DO NOT USE, OR BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS NUMBER. They are pure scam artists. A red sign completely covered the screen. DANGER, WARNING, and other exclamations were said. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!"

Submitted by T on March 11, 2018
"Just like the other scenarios! Husband was about to complete the transaction , before I told him to stop. He canceled and we took the phone number down so we could call back. I called 3 times to ask what company it was , and all they would say is the needed the ID number to tell me. I said I was "confused " and needed to know what company it was before I offered info. All 3 times they hung up after I asked."

CALLER ID: 8556661991

Submitted by Rachel on March 11, 2018
"Pop up appeared on my computer saying that I had a virus. They went into my computer via gotoassist. They told me that in order to fix your computer, I would have to pay $549.00 for 1yr, $649 for 2 years and $699 for 3 years or $449 for a one time fix. His name was Sushant Sharma emp id mct1530. He said that his extension wad 125104"


Submitted by Sandra on March 10, 2018
"Just received the same message on my screen.
Called them back. Thought they were Microsoft.
Don't call them. Scam!!"

Submitted by Kelliann Palu on March 08, 2018
"kept me on the phone for two hours helping me fix my computer that had been hacked. I called them when the window popped up on my computer.
They said they were with Microsoft"


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