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Have you received a call from 855-638-7579? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (855) 638-7579

855-638-7579 / (855) 638-7579 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Ed Campbell on April 27, 2016
"Call from NRA. Not a member, never will be and am on the No Call List When is the Government going to do something about these constant violations of the No Call List"

CALLER ID: 855-638-7579

Submitted by John on April 11, 2016
"Next time these people call answer the phone and say... "the name of your county's Sheriff's Office... If this is an emergency please call 911 ""

CALLER ID: ?????

Submitted by John on April 03, 2016
"How do these people get unlisted umbers and what kind of SCAM are they trying to pull ? ? ? Certainly NOT a donation...."

CALLER ID: ?????

Submitted by Blanche on June 02, 2015
"ZThis lady is 95 and very sick HOW many times have I said DO NOT CALL HERE --sometimes up til 9.00 so NOT rihgt..STOP IT NOW"

CALLER ID: just phone number
CALLER COMPANY: NRA says on here

Submitted by Jeanette Eggers on April 16, 2014
"I am getting calls from an 855 area code daily. Who is this and why are they calling me? If I don't recognize a number, I won't pick up."

Submitted by Donnie Baker on December 30, 2013
"855-638-7579 Calls MY NUMBER numerous times everyday even weekends. IT IS VERY ANNOYING"


Submitted by Ken on November 19, 2013
"Multiple calls virtually everyday. Most occur between 5:30 and 9:00 PM most nights. Why doesn't our government help us and shut down these scum bags. Surely there are regulations that can be applied to restrict their activities. This company is NOT The National Rifle Association. As a member calls placed by the legitimate NRA is up front AND will respond once the call is answered."

CALLER ID: 855-638-7579
CALLER COMPANY: unknown name

Submitted by Kim Woodall on August 21, 2013
"This number calls my home daily asking to speak to my son. Now when I answer the phone, they hang up. I want them to stop calling our number. When I call the number back, I get a recorded message from the NRA."

CALLER ID: Annonymous

Submitted by dissed on June 19, 2013
"Caller ID is Toll Free Calle. A Landline. National Recovery Associates, 2429 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, FL & 117 Kinderkamack Road, Suite 200, River Edge, NJ 07661 , Paul Foti, Hopewell Junction, NY; Vincent Colletti, North Salem, NY; Raymond A. Conta, Chappaqua, NY; James Stead, Yorktown Heights, NY; David Hirsch Calls from 201-880-7680, 215-244-4200, 336-217-0877, 407-347-4021, 415-358-4735, 703-291-9005, 703-436-1288, 703-656-9948, 713-777-2501, 716-362-4891, 716-478-0806, 720-325-1321, 724-250-9457, 800-360-2998, 800-521-5165, 800-620-0371, 800-773-4503, 800-814-6546, 800-814-6580, 855-232-9534, 855-547-6382, 855-638-7579, 855-701-6943, 855-825-6859, 855-856-4583, 855-864-3453, 866-231-8218, 866-240-5037, 866-240-7530, 866-240-7531, 866-275-3315, 866-426-4288, 866-431-5117, 866-725-2769, 866-761-7602, 877-200-4113, 877-671-1851, 877-728-3486, 877-743-1358, 877-837-4130, 877-858-4319, 877-859-3653, 888-224-6462, 888-426-7576, 888-321-9438, 888-438-8328, 888-483-8328, 888-484-7954 PROBABLE ID THEFT / MEDICARE FRAUD"

CALLER ID: toll free calle
CALLER COMPANY: National Recovery Associates

Submitted by Rebecca B. on January 27, 2013
"These people are harassing debt collectors and do not care if they are trying to reach someone who does not have this number anymore. They call for "Jordan and Ashley Walters". This is not me or anyone that I know. I have had this phone number for six years and for six years have been harassed by these people."

CALLER COMPANY: Debt Collection


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