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Have you received a call from 855-482-8041? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (855) 482-8041

855-482-8041 / (855) 482-8041 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by chrissy on March 05, 2015
""Devin" is contacting all of my family and work constantly harassing them. Saying I have a formal complaint against me. Luckily I didn't fall for it we had the same phone call last year. He was very rude to my father almost gave him a heart attack saying I would face jail time. I looked up the number saw it was a scam. He just called back and I told him my attorney would contact him or he can send me paperwork in the mail. He goes on to say 'your one of this bes that knows everything huh?!' And I just repeat my attorney will contact you. These people are ruthless! DO NOT FALL FOR IT.i spoke with my friend that's a lawyer, she said never answer these phone calls. If you do have a formal complaint against you you would NOT be contacted over the phone. We need to put a stop to these harassing phone calls."

CALLER ID: 8554828041

Submitted by Domminique on March 04, 2015
"They called stated that they needed to serve a legal document for my daughter and even mentioned suspension of her licence. He called PRIVATE. I couldn't see the number."

CALLER COMPANY: EAG legal services

Submitted by Janet on March 02, 2015
"Left a message,looking for my ex-daughter-in-law. Wanted her address info. so they could serve legal documents. The guys name was Devin Jenkins, from EAG his voice was stern & official sounding"

CALLER ID: 855-482-8041
CALLER COMPANY: Executive Aquisition Group

Submitted by kim on February 17, 2015
"Saying that there's a formal complaint on me and that he said he needs my address emmediatly so the papers can get served 2 me. He said his name is Devin. That guy called my sons phone and left that message."

CALLER ID: 8554828041
CALLER COMPANY: eag executive acquisition group

Submitted by Sara on February 16, 2015
"Keeps calling my work number and some female says that she is trying to get a hold of some by the name of someone close to my name, but not totally my name. Says they are calling to let me know that they are serving my with legal papers and I'm to call 855-482-8041 for a Stop Order. They even have my SSN!! I am so sick of SCAMMERS! They need to go get an honest job!!"

Submitted by Jennifer on February 14, 2015
"This place is a scam. Do not even give them the time of day. I had my boyfriend call in a comlaint."

Submitted by Jake on February 14, 2015
"Keep getting calls from a guy named Devin at this number from an Executive Aquisition Group, LLC in Lackawanna, NY, 14218. He first called my parents, who I havent lived with in 20 years, and threatened them that if they didn't have me call them, they would serve my local courthouse with a civil case against me on an unpaid payday loan! So I called this guy Devin back and he spoke with a very official and robotic voice until I asked him to please provide me with proof of this loan ... he then got ugly, calling me a MF, an idiot, an a-hole until I eventually realized he was a scam artist and hung up. If this Devin guy calls you or any other so called "agent" calls you, immediatly report them."

CALLER ID: Lackawanna, NY
CALLER COMPANY: Executive Aquisition Group, LLC

Submitted by Shamekia on February 11, 2015
"Called my boss at work and used the words " ***** ", " ***** " and "asshole" while talking to him and demanding my personal information. My boss wouldn't give him my information and the caller began to threaten my boss with legal action and threatened his life."


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