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Have you received a call from 833-206-1844? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (833) 206-1844

833-206-1844 / (833) 206-1844 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Jamie on November 13, 2017
"Getting a call that I have an arrest warrant out and please call them asap but never said anything else. Finally decided to Call the number back and it hang straight up."

CALLER ID: 833 206 1844

Submitted by Desiree Houston on September 27, 2017
"This number has called me several times claiming to be the IRS or some other government agency. They threaten arrest if I don't get back with them within 24 hours."

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Bobby on September 17, 2017
"A digitized boys that tried to get me to call them back because they said they were the IRA and that they had a warrant for my arrest these type of people need to be arrested and put in jail for the rest of their lives this is not the IRS the IRS would never do that"

Submitted by Stacy on September 13, 2017
""they told me they have arrest warrent out on me case #00-100-3636 "

CALLER ID: 833-206-3636

Submitted by elizabeth Moore on September 13, 2017
"they told me they have arrest warrent out on me case #00-100-3636 SC986225 and said I need to pay IRS bill for $6500.00"

CALLER ID: 2028529936
CALLER COMPANY: 8332061844

Submitted by Patricia on September 13, 2017
"I got two voice messages from this number yesterday and they asked me to call them back"

CALLER ID: 8332061844

Submitted by Antastacia on September 13, 2017
""Name and your identity so before the warrant get submitted to your state authorities kindly get back to us on 833-206-1844." They followed up with another same message 2 hours later."

CALLER ID: 1-833-206-1844

Submitted by Melody H. on September 12, 2017
"We are a state agency and need to speak with you, please call us back at 1-833-206-1844, thank you.

Called twice today in a short time span. (Hr. Or two apart)"

CALLER ID: 833-206-1844

Submitted by Guest User on September 12, 2017
"Said that their was a warrant out for my arrest."

CALLER ID: +1 (833) 206-1844

Submitted by Eric on September 12, 2017
"Stated I needed to call before an arrest warrant was issued in my state!"

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