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Have you received a call from 802-528-3072? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (802) 528-3072

802-528-3072 / (802) 528-3072 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by d m from phoenix, az on September 13, 2017
"416 the moment u receive this message I need u to return the call. the issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. the hotline to my desk of 802-528-3072. do not disregard this call, I repeat it. if u don't return the call from u or your attorney either than all I can do is wish u la good luck as the situation unfolds on u, goodbye. september 13,at 11:18am"

CALLER ID: saint albans, vt

Submitted by Holly on September 13, 2017
"I got a call from the # 8025283072 at 12:28pm from a recording. Sayin what all these other reports are stating. So I call them back asking questions but he hangs up on me. I then put his number in Google searches and found all the other reports against his number. BEWARE OF THESE PPL!!!!"

CALLER ID: 8025283072

Submitted by Ricj on September 13, 2017
"Called and let it go to voice mail. Threatened me with arrest if did not hear from me or my attorney. Obviously some sort of scam."

Submitted by Zorana on September 13, 2017
"They said there is a criminal case against me"

Submitted by Amber on September 13, 2017
"They called claiming to be a sheriff working with IRS about a legal suit filed against me. What a scam"

Submitted by CONRAD on September 13, 2017
"Yeah they need to stop calling my phone before. They end up dead"

CALLER COMPANY: California. Life line

Submitted by H.Struble on September 13, 2017
"Caller left a voicemail that if I did not return the call or they hear from my attorney alls they can do is wish me good luck in the situation as it unfolds."

Submitted by RJ on September 13, 2017
"Received the same call as all of the others here. They said they were from the IRS. They said there was a criminal case against my wife. I said I needed to get a piece of paper to write their info down. They said they would call me back. I called the number back and they answered "IRS." BULL PUCKY!"

CALLER ID: 802-528-3072

Submitted by Timothy on September 13, 2017
"I just received a call from a man accusing me of tax fraud and listing many different charges filed by the IRS. If the IRS was more transparent this would not have worried me so. Someone really needs to stop this."

Submitted by Jon on September 13, 2017
"Got a threatening voicemail from a recording. So, for funsies, I called them back. An Indian-sounding man claimed to be an IRS agent. I told him he was a scammer and he called me the F-word and said "See you in court". I called them back 17 times just to pester them but got hung up on every time! This whole scam needs to stop. I get the same calls from the whole country.. all who can hardly speak English. I've alerted the FBI, FCC, and even the IRS. Don't fall for this crap, please! It's a nationwide scam to freak you out unnecessarily."

CALLER ID: 8025283072

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