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Have you received a call from 1657366600? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 1657366600

1657366600 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by MONIQUE D. on September 14, 2017
"Unknown caller so I don't answer, thus number has called me 4 times in the last 30 mins"

CALLER ID: Unknown caller

Submitted by CLIFTON T. on September 14, 2017
"Calling and constantly threatening to keep calling very rude and demanding"

CALLER COMPANY: Health and human resources

Submitted by Ebony Ramsey on September 13, 2017
"I have received 4 calls in the last 20 minutes. I don't answer unknown callers"

CALLER ID: 1657366600

Submitted by Julie on September 13, 2017
"Called saying I had won a grant of 14,566 and they were from health human services department and there Address was 915 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98174 there name was Oliver foster"

CALLER ID: 1657366600
CALLER COMPANY: Health human services in Seattle

Submitted by John on September 13, 2017
"Rec'd 3 calls from this number in last half hour. If your name does not appear when call comes in I don't answer my phone. So who ever is calling is wasting there time!!!!"

Submitted by 8432533707 on September 13, 2017
"He called and asking for somebody and I asked if they could take my number off the call list he said no... so I told him I was going to call the law they said they were the ***** ... I told the this was my mom phone he said he is my mom boyfriend"

Submitted by Fed Up on September 13, 2017
"This number called me and when i asked who the person was he told me that he was from the government and needed to speak with me. I told him he was a liar and needed to lose my number and he got irate with me and told me to " F$#@ Off!!"

CALLER ID: 657366600

Submitted by Chris Norwood on September 12, 2017
"When i answered this number they didnt say a single thing but they laughed. Then i called them a name and they spoke. Calling me a ni##er and hung up."

CALLER ID: 657366600

Submitted by Guest User on September 12, 2017
"This caller is calling and saying that you have been ive for the government financial program and asking ID number."

CALLER ID: 1657366600

Submitted by Nickie judice on September 12, 2017
"This number keeps calling and does not say anything"

CALLER ID: 1657366600

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