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Have you received a call from 646-612-3456? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (646) 612-3456

646-612-3456 / (646) 612-3456 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by eatacowsandnig on March 28, 2015
"fed up that a inept government can't find/prosecute a phonescam operation that's been using the same "fake" number for years, unless the campaign contributions are that good?"


Submitted by peanut on March 03, 2015
"I got a call from this number at 8pm last night.An indian guy said he is a tech with microsoft windows and my computer is sending out bad signals and we need to fix it.We got to the point online where these numbers came up.He wanted them really bad.My husband came into the room and said don't give this guy anything.Turn off your computer.There was a car in front of our home and someone had a light going in it.He said they were trying to hack my computer.This guy is suppose to call back at 10am today.I'm thinking of giving him wrong numbers if he even calls back."

CALLER ID: new yor 6466123456

Submitted by CT on January 17, 2015
"called 3 Times in a row ans asked fort Claudia, if you call back a VM comes on"

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by Sue on January 03, 2015
"Call all the time but doesn't leave message on answering machine. I just don't answer calls from numbers I don't know."


Submitted by tom on November 22, 2014
"Persons said he was from windows, I asked if he meant Microsoft and he said no he was from windows. said they were aware I had a problem. I have had no problems related to internet, just telescamers"

CALLER ID: cell phone 646 612 3456
CALLER COMPANY: not identified on caller ID

Submitted by pssdoff on March 27, 2014
"another call of many from india sounding ***** saying i had asked for help because of a computer problem. no problem here. i hung up after telling him to try his scam somewhere else and stop bothering me."

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by Haws Residence on October 08, 2013
"Judging from the rest of the comments, it appears to be that this number is a scam artist in reference to, "Something being wrong with your computer." Funny thing is I don't even have a computer! Whenever I get call, and I get a lot of them, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is: "If this is a donation or telemarketing call, we sincerely appreciate that you have a job; however, would you please take us off your calling list." With that, I usually get a thank you, and they read their "Do Not Call" policy; but, no, not these people... They don't seem to get it!!! I repeated over and over to this Asian dude that I did not want to hear what he had to say, and please take us off their calling list. Finally, I hung up on him! Guess what!?? This idiot had the nerve to call back!!! His reason for calling back: Apparently, because he claimed to be a human being, I was being rude for no reason (I mean, what part of "No" did he not understand)! If I had the knowledge on how to report them, I would!!!"

CALLER ID: 6466123456
CALLER COMPANY: Some Unknown Company from New York

Submitted by GMC on September 30, 2013
"Called twice telling me to go to my computer, turn it on and he will fix the problem with WWW that I have. When I told him I don't have a problem he wants me to do it anyway. Told him this is a scam and to quit calling me. He does not take no for an answer."

CALLER ID: 646-612-3456

Submitted by female on September 21, 2013
"Called claiming there was a problem with my computer. I asked how many people fell for this scam. He acted insulted. I said I was going to report them to the FTC and hung up. He actually called back! So I asked where he was, he sai California. I asked for his address first he gave me Garland, TX 75042 and said I could call his company at 806-945-2636. The 806 area code is neither California OR Garland TX. I know this for a fact as I have family in the 806 area code!! I hung up again and he called back again, again and again. he's upset i called him a scammer! That's funny!"

CALLER COMPANY: World Wide Web Services

Submitted by Guest User on September 17, 2013
"Scammers- trying to tell me they found a virus on my compute. They called non stop and wouldn't take no for an answer"


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