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Have you received a call from 63660? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 63660

63660 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Belinda on April 01, 2014
"This person called 15 times in a row: 10:43 am- 11:02 am-11:03 am-11:03(again)- 11:04 am- 11:04 (again)- 11:05 am-11:05(again) - 11:05am(again)- 11:05(again) - 11:06 am -11:06(again) - 11:07 am - 11:07(again) -11:08am"

CALLER ID: 63660

Submitted by Tony on March 29, 2014
"Just a bunch of scamming A-holes. They get your number and any personal info from Craigs List postings (probably other places too), but Craigs List postings seem to be a common denominator for many receiving these BS calls. Anyone else get a call shortly after posting?"

CALLER ID: 63660

Submitted by Henry on February 08, 2014
"I have received 7 calls from 63660 I have not answered the calls but they are annoying and should be stopped.
Dates of calls
1/29/14 12:17pm
1/29/14 11:10am
1/29/14 10:45am
1/28/14 6:11pm
1/28/14 5:21pm
1/28/14 5:44pm
1/28/14 3:58pm"

CALLER ID: 63660

Submitted by melissa on January 29, 2014
"Keeps calling me at least once every 45 minutes. I don't answer but it is annoying."

CALLER ID: 63660

Submitted by Christy Sage on January 22, 2014
"I've received 2 calls today from 63660, at 1:45pm and at 2:58pm. Both times I didn't answer."

CALLER ID: 63660

Submitted by David Cone on January 11, 2014
"this number has attempted to call 7 times today, my phone blocks the number automatically."

CALLER ID: 63660

Submitted by Patricia on December 04, 2013
"I have answered the call and the caller claims I will be awarded $8,000 in grant money. It sounds too good to be true. I do not plan to claim anything."

Submitted by Erin Pickart on November 02, 2013
"This phone number has been calling me at least twice a week for two months straight. I do not answer the phone when they call and they never leave a message."

CALLER ID: 636-60

Submitted by sue smith on October 24, 2013
"keep getting calls from this number.. I do not answer them but it is annoying So far they have called in this order:


CALLER ID: 63660


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