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Have you received a call from 564-564-321? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number 564-564-321

564-564-321 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Tiffany on July 18, 2014
"I never got a call from this number, but I just did from 757-616161. I answered and then hung up. Guessing its this same guy?"

Submitted by MADDY on June 23, 2014
"Same issue...from 564-564-321 not even 4 digits at the messages left...but pretty weird. This only happened since I got my phone switch...and new service plan..could it be connected to the insecurity of the product plus service?"


Submitted by Angela on June 18, 2014
"This number calls me at least twice a week. He says he is calling about my computer. I have answered and after trying to nicely tell him not to call me, just hung up from aggravation. number kept coming up unknown caller on my cell.
I have told him not to call. My husband told him not to call. he just won't quit harassing us.
He called this morning and I told him to quit calling me or I would make it my mission to find out who he was. I hung up on him.

He called me right back on another number 564-564-321 and after several attempts at telling him that I couldn't understand what he was saying I finally pieced together that he was asking why I wasn't cooperating with the police department. HUH! I asked him what are you talking about? I told him repeatedly that I couldn't understand him. He then said that he was calling from the police department. I was tempted to keep talking to him just to see where that was going. But unlike him I have a full time job that I had to get back to.
Now while typing this he is trying to call me back from another number 757-616-161. I didn't answer. he didn't leave message."

Submitted by Alexander DM Gray on June 17, 2014
"I have been called twice by this 'individual' from this number. The first time I was called I sent it to my voice mailbox directly and I haven't checked my mailbox yet but I don't think I have a message because I haven't received a notice of one. The second time I tried to answer the call and all I heard was a voice exclaim wordlessly and hung up. It is interesting that many people are also suffering from this dilemma. I tried to return the call and my cell phone called my provider stating that I do not have enough 'talk minutes' to make the call when I have over 200 minutes left on my cell phone plan this month, via Assurance Wireless 250 talk/250 text program.
I do have a couple of questions...
First - How is this individual making/connecting with working phone lines with an incomplete phone number?
Second - Why are we receiving these prank(?) calls?
Third - How do we block the call or is there in investigation by our authorities to find out where the calls are originating from and then directly make the cease?"

CALLER ID: 564564321

Submitted by Keith on June 13, 2014
"Every 2 hours without fail. Really annoying"

CALLER ID: 564564321Q3BU

Submitted by melanie on June 12, 2014
"pricks keep calling me every 2 hours and hanging up. i am unable to block the call because it is not a 10 digit number."

CALLER ID: 564-564-321

Submitted by Guest User on June 11, 2014
"Computer generated call - display one number but calls on another. Get them to tell you what that number is. Turn the tables on them, you ask the noise questions - where do they work, how much do they get paid, what state the are calling from, what is the capital of that state, etc. Be a pest"

CALLER ID: 564564321
CALLER COMPANY: out side of the U.S.

Submitted by marirose on June 10, 2014
"received 3 calls (interval of every 2 hours) from 564-564-321 without leaving any messages at all."

Submitted by Colleen on June 10, 2014
"When I answer and say they have a wrong number, they get argumentative .. then hang up. They continue to call and leave no message"

CALLER ID: 564-564-321

Submitted by deb on June 10, 2014
"this number has called 4 times message. its annoying"

CALLER ID: 564-564-321

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