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Have you received a call from 469-286-9841? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (469) 286-9841

469-286-9841 / (469) 286-9841 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by ron on July 18, 2014
"wife recived call sajd they were going to ***** her in the ***** i told the caller i would use hisnhead for a bowling ball this number is a scam atrist remove him from service"


Submitted by Diamond on July 18, 2014
"Caller hung up. when I called it back i got a message that states this # is not accepting calls at this time. Then I will receive a call from area code 000-000-0000.

Have received a few calls. Getting very irritated."

CALLER ID: 4692869841

Submitted by Anonymous on June 24, 2014
"Called at 12:40 PM PST. I didn't answer it, and no voicemail was received. I received a spoofed called from 000-000-0000 a couple of hours later."

Submitted by Judy on June 18, 2014
"Got a call today from this number. Caller ID said "ATT". The guy had a thick accent (India?), and told me that my computer had been hacked.
Told him it sounded like a scam and hung up."


Submitted by Patel Naresh on June 16, 2014
"e-mortgage or e-financing calling from different numbers 727-322-3032 or 801-615-2530 or 897-562-1456 or 321-404-5238 they are rude once you refuse the service they offer and will not remove your number from their database, they even threaten and say they will blow you away."

Submitted by thom on June 04, 2014
"I just got a call from the federal government. they said my name and number has been chosen to get a grant of 5000 something and said I needed to go to the federal union to get the grant money. I know there are a lot of scammers out there. god damb fing scammers I am so pissed off about it. the number they called from is 4692869841. I shure hope that whoever is doing this gos to prison for ever and everyone else involved get the same."

Submitted by clogan on May 22, 2014
"i was working ans not right by my phone tried to call back and they are not answering calls..really need to work for a living instead or scamming people"

CALLER ID: 4692869841

Submitted by Janice on December 07, 2013
"Received a call from 469-286-9841 and they said they had reports that my computer was messing up and they could fix my computer by remote access.... had a strong foreign accent and I told him I dont have problems and I could not understand him. I then hung up. The caller ID says ATT when he called."

CALLER COMPANY: 4692869841

Submitted by Julia on November 06, 2013
"This number just called me and asked me to turn on my computer so they could fix it.He used the name Alex but spoke with a heavy middle eastern accent. He said he was from Windows and that over the past few days they had had several reports come in to the main server at Windows from my computer indicating I had malicious malware on my computer and they needed to fix it. I haven't even been on that computer for 2-3 days. I asked for a number to call them back at to fix it later to delay so I could check the number. They hung up before giving me a number."

CALLER ID: 4692869841

Submitted by Katrina Burch on November 06, 2013
"Has called several times stating that he works for the Government and that my name and number where chosen to recieve a grant from the government that never has to be paid back. The first call i received i told him that i worked for the government and why would the government be given out grants when they don't have money. He got very rude and i said that i would be reporting him to the FBI. He again got hostile. I hung up the phone. But i keep receiving calls for the same thing. They come from different numbers. Some of the numbers are 2026977222, 6093186139, 7865229656, 9012909467, 4253205013, 3055074386, 3122731405, 4029367000, 8884650190, 5614870139, 8622251235, 7863589671, or unknown"

CALLER ID: # or unknown
CALLER COMPANY: U.S. Dept. of Treasury

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