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Have you received a call from 408-412-4097? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (408) 412-4097

408-412-4097 / (408) 412-4097 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Francis Drollinger on October 31, 2012
"Stop them"

CALLER ID: 4084124097

Submitted by Linda on October 19, 2012
"Tired of being called with this is your final chance to lower credit calls since I am registered on state and federal do not call list."

CALLER ID: Unknown name

Submitted by KH on September 25, 2012
"I waited until they prompted me to press 9 to speak to a person, then I asked them to remove me from their calling list. They don't say a word--they just hang up on you! How annoying!!
Somebody please make them stop!"

CALLER ID: unknown name

Submitted by Rhonda Amos on September 25, 2012
"Unknown 'Card Services' have called us several times - twice today. Each time we bother to get a live person and tell them to take us off their list, they hang up on us."

CALLER ID: 408 412 4097

Submitted by Bugkiller on September 24, 2012
"This number called and I heard familiar rant. Called the atty general. blow a whistle in the phone."

Submitted by CS on September 21, 2012
"Message left saying "this is your final notice" something about card services

We are on the "no call" list.
Tired of getting these types of calls!"

CALLER ID: "unknown name"
CALLER COMPANY: not identified

Submitted by JimP on September 18, 2012
"No message left... Our new phones allow us to block calls so this number will be added to the list (which keeps growing). There is no enforcement to the Do Not Call federal list so blocking calls is the only way to deal with "spam" calls"

Submitted by C&K on September 18, 2012
"Same as all the others. How are they doing this? I thought the National Do Not Call Registry is to prevent this!"

CALLER ID: 408-412-4097

Submitted by s sawka on September 17, 2012
"This number has been calling me for weeks."

CALLER ID: 1-408-412-4097 Cell Phone CA

Submitted by Norman D. Henley on September 10, 2012
"lower your rates...automated. Our of Cal."

CALLER ID: says cell phone

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