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Have you received a call from 402-875-9195? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (402) 875-9195

402-875-9195 / (402) 875-9195 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by donna jean on January 08, 2014
"I too have been receiving call tellin me that my computer is infected, and they are getting notices that shows this. I told them I would have my personal tech take care of it. These people need to be stopped. This time I threatened him, but I am sure they will call again. Thanks for any assistance you can offer."

CALLER COMPANY: nelnet was on called ID

Submitted by Sherri on September 16, 2013
"I received a call from an Indian sounding man who said they were calling for Microsoft and that my computer is downloading malicious software and that they would like to get rid of it and that I needed to stand in front of my computer. I said I would have my computer man look into it and hung up on them."

CALLER ID: 402-875-9195

Submitted by Brandon on September 13, 2013
"I just got a call from them and as soon as they said they were going to teach me how to get rid of things off my computer I knew it was fake so I said," dude don't call me again" and he says, "go ***** your mother." He then hung up. Issue is I am wondering if geek squad sold my information since I just had my computer cleaned."


Submitted by Darla McGinnis on July 31, 2013
"I received a call from about 2 hours ago initially from an Indian gentleman saying he was from Microsoft and KNEW my name and that I had filed a complaint lately over unauthorized charges. He kept telling me to get in front of my computer but over and over I told him I was having my birthday dinner. It got very old. I asked him to call me back in 2 hours because this is a matter I truly want resolved. He called me a total of 6 times in 45 minutes. The final call came in at 7:35 pm and this guy was so tongue-tied that I asked for his supervisor who was not much less inept if will than the employee if that is what they are. Finally once I informed them that I was reporting the matter the call was disconnected"

Submitted by shirley boyd on October 30, 2012
"I've received 2 calls in the last few months. They say their with Microsoft and my computer is downloading things it shouldn't be downloading. I told them that if this is true they should know my name. Then they come back and ask me if this is so and so. I tell them thats not my name. They say sorry. I tryed to call the number back and it will not connect I think this is a little odd and think it needs to be checked out"



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