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Have you received a call from 401-648-7436? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (401) 648-7436

401-648-7436 / (401) 648-7436 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by patricia on March 26, 2014
""(401) 648-7436 this number will not stop calling, they call 12 times through out the day. Please have them stop.""

CALLER ID: 4016487436

Submitted by mj on March 25, 2014
"this number is blowing my phone up calling 30 times in a day"

CALLER ID: 4016487436

Submitted by Sara Gerberick on March 25, 2014
"(401) 648-7436 this number will not stop calling, they call 12 times through out the day. Please have them stop."

Submitted by laura on March 22, 2014
"have been calling 5-6 times a day for last week. they are very rude and if they don't ramble over me when I am speaking they hang up when I do answer. I have asked and told them every time to stop calling and to remove me from the call list. I'm tired of getting calls from this number"

CALLER ID: 4016487436

Submitted by michelle on March 14, 2014
"keeps calling in one day from 8.00am to 1.29 pm they have called 17 times told them to stop , now i just don't answer"

CALLER COMPANY: auto loans

Submitted by Shannon Russell on March 10, 2014
"I have told them to take my name off the calling list. They constantly hang up on me when i answer the call and they ramble on with reading their as i am speaking to them. They are very rude and i want no more calls from them."

CALLER ID: 4016487436

Submitted by Cee on March 05, 2014
"I received 6 calls today. The last person cursed me out. I never cursed them at all, but would not answer their questionsI keep telling the caller to stop calling me and to take me off the calling list, then he replies and hangs up"

CALLER ID: 401 648 7436
CALLER COMPANY: auto loan approval

Submitted by Shannon on March 05, 2014
"This number, 401-648-7436, has called me 4 times in the past 3 hours. I call back and they are speaking in Indian and when I start to speak, they hang up on me."

CALLER ID: 4016487436

Submitted by Fed up on March 04, 2014
"I say we do a collective law suit if they continue. I get calls about every 20 minutes from many different numbers. Especially the 401-648-7436. Foreign. Rude. I am keeping detailed records. I would suggest you all do the same. I am having the same problems you are all experiencing"

CALLER ID: 4016487436

Submitted by Melanie Bush on February 26, 2014
"I have asked them to stop calling me for a few days now. Since Monday I have received 17 calls from them. I told whoever to take my phone number off file. And they keep calling til today. I asked to speak with manager and he said no one there. So I kept calling them back to speak with someone and keeps hangin up on me. So I kept on calling, last time I did the guy told me to stop calling and I told them to stop calling me. The guy called me a Bitch."

CALLER ID: 4016487436

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