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Have you received a call from 347-775-2743? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (347) 775-2743

347-775-2743 / (347) 775-2743 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kim on September 13, 2013
"They call our office all the time..what a waste of time answering their call when tons of other callers need to be picked up..aggravating!!!"

CALLER ID: 3477752743
CALLER COMPANY: HOme Security Services

Submitted by Sarah on September 12, 2013
"I did not answer. Called the number back and it said press one to be removed"

Submitted by John on September 10, 2013
"they keep calling my cell phone for home security.."

CALLER COMPANY: home security

Submitted by Tina Kirkwood on September 09, 2013
"Keeps calling. They need to stop harrassing me and leave me aloone"

CALLER ID: 347-775-2743

Submitted by marie on September 06, 2013
"I did not answer because I did not know who it was"

Submitted by Kp on September 06, 2013
"Called my cell phone about home security. Asked for a supervisor a lady came on and I told her to take me off if the call list. She told me they would call back tomorrow and everyone after that."

CALLER ID: 3477752743

Submitted by SJM Boston on September 04, 2013
"Also hung up when "transferring to a supervisor". Told them I was looking forward to collecting a lot of money from the fine they pay for illegal robocalls; calls to my cell phone"

CALLER ID: 3477752743
CALLER COMPANY: Home Security Services

Submitted by John Doe on August 28, 2013
"Security System Scam Called claiming that they would install a free home security system if I would place an sign in my yard.
Too good to be true. When I asked to speak to a supervisor they hung up."

CALLER ID: 347-775-2743
CALLER COMPANY: Front Point Security

Submitted by Misty on August 28, 2013
"Called my phone 3 times but did not leave a message"

CALLER ID: 347-775-2743

Submitted by na on August 28, 2013
"got this call"


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