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Have you received a call from 302-760-9081? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (302) 760-9081

302-760-9081 / (302) 760-9081 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Texan on January 10, 2014
"Stop calling me...I answer and no one is there."

CALLER ID: 302-760-9081

Submitted by Daniel on December 05, 2013
"They always hang up on me when I answer. How does one block a number? I presently have over a dozen different numbers a day calling several times a day"

CALLER ID: 302-760-9081

Submitted by goat on October 19, 2013
"It is Metro News They are calling for your Newspaper that you cancelled.Mine was the Dallas Morning News.Metro said they would take the number off. I also called the Dallas Morning News. They said they would take it off and they can take it off.If they don't I'll take it up with the Better Business Bureau they will make them stop.Also I will block the phone number."


Submitted by Kelly Jones on October 14, 2013
"I do not want your calls on my home phone. Please remove my number or you will be reported. It is my day off work and the last thing I want is to be pestered by an out of area phone call!!!!"

CALLER ID: (302)760-9081

Submitted by Guest User on October 09, 2013
"I received from this # every now and then. No message left.It's getting annoyed.I want to stop calling from this #."

CALLER ID: 1-302-760-9081

Submitted by Lola on October 08, 2013
"When you answer they pause for a moment and then hang up"

CALLER ID: 3027609081

Submitted by Mary E Stegman on September 28, 2013
"We have received around 10 calls a day from this number 302-760-9081, for the last three months. I went to another site where people were also complaining about the same number 302-760-9081. On this site I read all the complaints. The company is called
((Metro News Services))They are all over the country.
they also have called it other names and have used other numbers, and if they are put on the do not call list, seems they change the number, just make it up when convenient and I seriously believe it's a scam. Tonight when they called they asked me if we applied for a Gov. grant, well we didn't, she was rude and hung up. They will try anything. One girl got a call and this time they were on the phone and claimed to be her newspaper she canceled awhile back. They quoted a renewal price and she could renew on the phone, However she was suspicious and hung up. Then she called her old Paper and they said they had nobody calling old customers and the price they quoted was completely wrong. They knew nothing about this. This company is all over the country and DO NOT CALL LIST does not help. I reported them to BBB and a few other sites. I would for now, block their phone number of 302-760-9081 for any one having this problem."

CALLER ID: unidentified, out of the area, unknown,
CALLER COMPANY: Metro News Service

Submitted by sd on September 25, 2013
"keeps calling multiple times a day, now leaves voice mails, something about Reggie from Star-Telegram. Extremely unprofessional sounding....."

CALLER ID: 302-760-9081

Submitted by Linda on September 19, 2013
"I receive 3 to 4 calls a day from this number and no one ever leaves a message."

CALLER ID: 302-760-9081

Submitted by M. Andrade on September 14, 2013
"No one answers when I say hello. Then I hear them hang up."

CALLER ID: 302-760-9081

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