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Have you received a call from 281-220-3389? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (281) 220-3389

281-220-3389 / (281) 220-3389 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Deborah Lagadinos on September 25, 2017
"“Hi this is Ofc. Jonathan night from IRS internal revenue service this is to notify you that you are under federal investigation because of the frog in the Nessa collectivities found in the audit report of your taxes you can reach me on 844-223-5798 _⁠_⁠_⁠_ trying to disregard the message or else it will be taken as in the fence from your side again this is Ofc. Jonathan tonight from internal revenue service…”"


Submitted by W. Q on September 21, 2017
"Asked who they were, foreigner said Costa Rico, i said where, he transferred me and another foreigner said " in your wife's p####" and hung up, called them back and apparently they blocked me"

Submitted by Karen kimbrell on September 21, 2017
"Same call as others claiming to be officer Jonathan Knight with IRS saying I owed $3921 and police would arrest me within an hour and I would be held 48 hours and I could fight charges if I hired a lawyer"

Submitted by Kelli H. on September 21, 2017
"Call came from 281-220-3389 saying it was officer Jonathon knight from irs. It was a recording. Scared me half to death, thank god I didn't fall for it."

Submitted by MARIAVICTORIA on September 21, 2017
"I got a call frm tel 281-220-3389 that he is
Ofcr John threatening me"

Submitted by monica grandovic on September 21, 2017
"tried to call officer john knight back and spoke to a man that didn't speak english well. He said that due to a 7 year audit that was done by the irs I owed 3921.00 dollars. He went on to give badge numbers and case file numbers. I told him to please refer my case to local police department and they dan come and arrest me for tax evasion."

CALLER ID: 281220339

Submitted by Mark Barnett on September 20, 2017
"Left a VM claiming to be from the IRS, that I was under investigation for fraud."

Submitted by Meri on September 20, 2017
"Same threatening phone call with same verbage from someone claiming to be Office Jonathan Knight"

CALLER ID: 2812203389

Submitted by Kevin on September 20, 2017
"Voice Mail: "You are under federal investigation because of the fraud in the Nessa collectivities found in the audit report your taxes. Can reach me on 281-220-3389. Don't try to disregard the message or else it will be take as an offense from your side against. This is Johnathan Knight from the Internal Revenue Service."

CALLER ID: 281-220-3389

Submitted by Judy T on September 20, 2017
"Claims to be Officer Jonathan Knight from the IRS. States "You are under Federal investigation due to fraudulent and unethical practices on your Federal Tax Return. Do not try to disregard this call, or it will be taken as an offense from your side."

Scam, of course. The IRS NEVER CALLS!"

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