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Have you received a call from 213-337-0014? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (213) 337-0014

213-337-0014 / (213) 337-0014 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by rancher on July 13, 2016
"Received call from this number @ 0545 this date (Saturday morning.) Did not answer as I never answer unknown (robo) callers. No msg. left by caller on answering machine. Very irritating to be invaded by calls at this hour. Am on DNC as well."


Submitted by H.M on April 15, 2016
"received a call from someone stating to be from Microsoft that something was wrong with my computer. HANG UP on them!!!"

CALLER ID: 213-337-0014

Submitted by N.Lott on April 04, 2016
"Received a call this past Saturday that I had ordered medication over seas and if I did not have a preion for this I would be looking at jail time. Then offered to overlook this if I would just pay them $1200! "As-if"!! He spoke with an accent (most likely from India). He spoke so fast that I just listened, as I had ordered an on-line . He really tried to scare me by threatening me about prosecution, etc. I told him he could speak to my attorney and hung-up."

CALLER ID: 2133370014

Submitted by carolyn hyne on February 22, 2016
"calls are received weekly I usually do not answer not sure why I did this am
Foreign speaking man claiming to help me with my computer before it crashes"

CALLER ID: 213-337-0014
CALLER COMPANY: mci ttss telesy

Submitted by Bev Schweitzer on February 18, 2016
"received calls from this number twice this week. No verbal response. Hung up, they keep calling!!"

Submitted by Jacque on August 04, 2014
"I just received a phone call saying that i was picked to receive a US Government grant. The person on the other line did not speak english well. They gave me a confirmation number and a number to call to proceed with my grant. When I asked what type of grant this was they hung up. They did have my name, state i live in etc. This is real scary that someone has this information."

CALLER ID: 213/337-0014
CALLER COMPANY: call back number 206/973-1594

Submitted by Ron on July 30, 2014
"Answer machine had a said IRS would file paper work for arrest if I didn't call in 12 hours.

The number they left was 88877551591
And I used 69 the last number to call me was 213 337 0014 July 30 at 3:25PM"

CALLER ID: 2133370014

Submitted by Peter on July 24, 2014
"I received a call on July 24, 2014 and the person (with a foreign accent, probably South Asia Indian) said he was from Microsoft and stated he was calling about reported problems with my computer. Microsoft doesn't make any such calls so I asked him what he really wanted. The reply was a string of obscenities ("MFer" among them) followed by being told that I was wasting his time! The man's voice was similar to a series of calls I received weeks ago where his scam was that he was from the State Department and had money for me, if I would just give him my credit card number."

CALLER ID: rsbinfo

Submitted by Guest User on July 23, 2014
"Called as the Federal goverment office in Washington that I had a grant that did not have to be paid back"

Submitted by Shiloh on January 02, 2014
"2133370014 is yet ANOTHER number used by these people. This one was a recorded message looking for Paulette Johnson. For 2yrs we've been getting calls looking for this woman. We told them we don't know her, only lived here for 2yrs and to PLEASE STOP CALLING US! We've blocked the various numbers but they continue to call. HELP!!!!"

CALLER ID: mciitss telesy

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