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Have you received a call from 202-803-5785? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 803-5785

202-803-5785 / (202) 803-5785 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Margaret on April 08, 2014
"I received a couple calls from this number, and I know I don't have any bank or check fraud cases against me. so I just ignored the calls. The message that was left gave me the call back number 202-803-5785. I just figured that anyone really trying to sue me would not call to verify my address. If this was real, I would just be served."


Submitted by Pam Davis on March 28, 2014
"The message said....I had commited either bank or credit card fraud and they were contacting my emplorer to serve papers on me...left me a message to contact them before the end of the day to settle before i had to go to court. This same number has been calling me for weeks"

CALLER ID: unknown

Submitted by Claudia on February 10, 2014
"I received several calls stating " We're contacting Claudia xxxxxx in reference to an allegation of check for bank fraud it is imperative that we speak to you regarding this allegation -- our office may need to contact your employer to verify your employment status to deliver paperwork for you to appear in court.

If you wish to stop said action press nine or call (202) 803-5785 once again contact us at (202) 803-5785 you have to the close of business today." Is anyway we can stop these scammers!!!!!"

CALLER ID: anonymous

Submitted by James on February 04, 2014
"world wide requistion law firm threats to sue for bank and check fraud if not called by end of business day scam scam and false claims to rip people off"

CALLER COMPANY: world wide requistion law firm

Submitted by Susie Nelson on February 04, 2014
"Got a call from 2028035185 saying that I was being sued for bank fraud. But when I tried to call back, I couldn't get an answer."

CALLER ID: Unknown Calle

Submitted by Angie on February 04, 2014
"message same as above...they were contacting my employer to file legal action against me for bank fraud"

CALLER ID: unkown

Submitted by Very annoyed on January 21, 2014
"Got an automated message call from 202-803-5785 saying that they were authorized to contact my employer to file paperwork against me for fraud.( I called back to see who left it and it was a Natalie Zimmerman's Office (debt collector)a payday loan from over 8 years ago-paid) trying to collect. The lady was unethical she refused to give me their address. I advised I would contact my attorney and needed the address, she refused again."

CALLER ID: no phone nu

Submitted by Annoyed on January 09, 2014
"Got a call from 202-803-5785 from a man who said he was Esq. Sullivan saying that they were authorized to contact my employer to file paperwork against me for fraud. yet, even though I requested several times on their "recorded" call that they send me the proof of some loan I supposedly took out, he refused and said I was being unreasonable. need to track down whomever is calling and charge them with fraud!"

CALLER ID: 202-803-5785


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