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Have you received a call from 202-407-9093? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (202) 407-9093

202-407-9093 / (202) 407-9093 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Lloyd P Young on February 10, 2014
"The caller who spoke English poorly said I had a govt grant of $9,000.00. I must call the govt finance office at 202-407-9093 and give them my ID# of WG 1024 TO RECEIVE this grant."

CALLER ID: 222-222-2245

Submitted by Meghan Moses on January 21, 2014
"Some guy that I could bearly understand said I won $7, 000.00 grant $ get a real job ."

CALLER ID: 1-222-222-2245
CALLER COMPANY: I don't remember

Submitted by James Killian on November 14, 2013
"They called me on my way to work saying i had a 7000 grant to collect and he knew my info as-well he was calling out of Washington did not give his name and couldn't speak very good English and said it was from the goverment"

CALLER ID: wg1024

Submitted by Danial P Lynch on August 13, 2013
"Said I won 7000 us grant"

Submitted by Steven Mitchell on August 07, 2013
"I have been called several times today by this number. When I pick up it rings a phone and I get a busy signal. Finally I picked up and when it rang the phone someone picked up. It was someone who sounded like they were from India or Pakistan or somewhere in that area. He told me he was in Washington D.C. and I had won a $7,000.00 grant and I needed to call 202 407 9093 to claim it by giving the I.D. # 1013. I did not do this but I searched it on Bing and found it was a scam."

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